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14-04-2019, 19:25   #1
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Young Shpud and his Airplanes

Boards lost a young poster last month. Some of us heard the news today. We knew him as Shpud. He loved airplanes and taking photos and his drone and his dog. Really he loved a lot of things. He could have been a pilot or a photographer. He could have been anything.Yet the lad struggled.

Not in a million years did I think I would be reading his obituary. We know so little of each other. We think we might have an idea but really we are completely clueless. I certainly was and am. Shpud I hope you are up there in a gigantic airplane taking photos of us all down here. Wherever you are I hope you are at peace and the demons are gone. Farewell young man x

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14-04-2019, 19:28   #2
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That's a very sad post. But very well put Persepoly.

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14-04-2019, 19:34   #3
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I don't really know why I'm posting this, as there's no more can, or needs to, be said.

His struggles and pain are now gone and he is, without doubt, finally at peace.
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14-04-2019, 19:36   #4
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Finally at peace and reunited with his grandad.
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14-04-2019, 19:37   #5
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Well written Perse

His love for photography and his dog always shone through I remember spending many a night talking to him and hoping and praying that he could somehow find peace. He really missed his grandfather and I know they are both together again Rest In Peace Shpud xxxx

Last edited by Sephiroth_dude; 15-04-2019 at 17:33.
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14-04-2019, 19:38   #7
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I’m knocked for six by this. I was thinking I must message him to check in recently but it slipped my mind. Really wish I had now.

RIP lad, we’ll miss you.
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14-04-2019, 19:41   #8
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He used post as Shannon 757, and then as Shpud..and as people have said, planes and photography were the 2 things I always noticed...he would sometimes pm me about tech issues, he was always polite and he was very proud of his insta 18yo boy should be looking forward to a long and happy life.... but instead, here we are mourning the sad loss of one of our own, blessed be.

Last edited by Erik Shun; 14-04-2019 at 20:49.
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14-04-2019, 19:42   #9
Trigger Happy
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That’s a lovely post Perse. I really feel for his family and can’t imagine what they are going through. RIP young man.
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14-04-2019, 19:43   #10
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Well said Persepoly,

Some of us are just names on a screen to each other. Over time and interacting with each other across numerous threads and forums, we become a lot more connected.

I didn't realise how much until I read his obituary posted earlier this evening.

I was on cloud 9 after the Liverpool win today, but read that post a few minutes later. Firmly crashed down to reality again.

Those of us who knew him, knew the struggles he had with the daily physical pains and struggles he dealt with with his condition. We all pointed to his love of his drone & planes to help him focus his thoughts. We were members of a private forum together, along with other posters we tried our best to help him. I know I am not alone in saying that there was plenty of late nights chatting with home. Also a few more worried about his posting style.

I never met him, but feel like I lost a brother tonight. Hope you are finally at peace.


Last edited by Mark Rippetoe; 15-04-2019 at 14:15.
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14-04-2019, 19:47   #11
This is it
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14-04-2019, 19:48   #12
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This has come as a complete shock, RIP shpud, I'll always remember our chats
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14-04-2019, 19:48   #13
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I often thought of him when he wasn’t posting. His love of planes and aviation was clear and his close relationship with his grandfather.
For someone so young he suffered so much. Kind of a shock to see his photo posted, I didn’t follow his Instagram so didn’t know his name but what a beautiful soul.

Sleep well Shpud, finally at peace and free from pain.
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14-04-2019, 19:53   #14
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Your battles were mighty.... and now young man, your war is over.

rest easy .


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14-04-2019, 20:03   #15
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Wherever you are right now I hope you're at peace , I'm just so sorry that you couldn't find that peace here.

Last edited by Sephiroth_dude; 15-04-2019 at 17:33.
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