If you've followed the link in the welcome email that everyone receives, you've found your way to the Newbies and FAQ forum, a place for new people to ask questions about using boards.ie itself. It's not a place for random unrelated questions.

So how to find the right place? boards.ie has more around a thousand forums, so you may need help finding the right place first.

Try viewing the site using this link:


it shows the entire set of categories, that make up the collections of forums. You can use the button to close or expand each category and show the forums contained within.

If you're registered and logged in, it'll also remember your choice of expanded categories to help make it easier to view the parts you want.

The contents of each category, won't show every single forum contained, as a forum can have its own subforums. Though any subforum will be related to the main forum its connected to.