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Are you afraid of the dark on RTE was spooky stuff. That intro is creepy as f, especially when you consider the show was aimed at kids. Goosebumps was another good one.

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A programme that used to be on called "Strange but true". Shouldn't have been watching it at all. One story of a man driving alone at night and glancing in rear view mirror and seeing a person in back of car. To this day i adjust the mirror if I'm driving on my own at night

Also, the scene in Mad Max where they chain yer man's hand to towbar of car and take off at speed..... Jesus I'll not sleep tonight!
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30-07-2020, 22:51   #33
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This ****er

Dad had it stored in the press, and used to activate him now and again for the **** and giggles. Minus the giggles.
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30-07-2020, 22:52   #34
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I was absolutely petrified of ALL dogs and that carried on until my mid-teens.
Probably owned 9 or 10 dogs since then !!!
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corner of hells
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Nuns , I firmly believe they turned into bats when they died .
Also the threat of the "wooden spoon " , my mother would actually throw it at you , if she couldn't catch you.
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30-07-2020, 22:56   #36
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When I was a young child my parents would say they would give me away when they were annoyed with me. It had a terrible effect on me, resutling in me having panic attacks whenever I was left alone for any brief length of time away from our home. For example when my mother was pregnant with a younger sibling, she brought me into the Rotunda hospital when she went for a checkup. I was left in a waiting area on my own and after about 20 minutes I was convinced she had left me there as threatened previously and I had a serious panic attack. I can remember a number of similar situations. It had an ongoing effect on me to this day.
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30-07-2020, 22:56   #37
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There was a series called “ Children of the Stones” ( we didn’t have multi-channels so must have been on RTÉ) We we’re TERRIFIED of it . Bought it on dvd years later , it was laughable then.
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30-07-2020, 23:01   #38
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Originally Posted by byhookorbycrook View Post
There was a series called “ Children of the Stones” ( we didn’t have multi-channels so must have been on RTÉ) We we’re TERRIFIED of it . Bought it on dvd years later , it was laughable then.
One of the most atmospheric and creepy children's TV series I have encountered.

The wailing singers and the claustrophobia of being stuck in a small village.
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30-07-2020, 23:05   #39
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when the screen went white at the end of the Doctor Who theme, as if it had exploded. late 80s maybe?
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30-07-2020, 23:12   #40
tabby aspreme
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I was terrified of crows for a few months after watching Hitchcock's, The Birds, aged around 10 at the time
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30-07-2020, 23:13   #41
A kick in the gulags
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Quicksand - I believed it was a lot more prevalent than it actually is and we all need to be on the lookout for it. I think it must have been in a couple of TV shows or films I saw fairly close together, I can't think of any other reason it would bother me, especially as I don't recall it ever being reported in south Dublin.
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30-07-2020, 23:15   #42
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Rotary phones, between the Joker using them to gas people and our one getting blown off the wall by a lightning strike i can see how that came about

Nuns, thanks primary school
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30-07-2020, 23:19   #43
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Ready Brek ad with the fella with the lights around him doing break dancing. Freaked the shít outta me.

And a bit later the unsolved mysteries ghost stories when it was presented by Robert Stack.
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30-07-2020, 23:22   #44
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Pennywise and bath lady from shining kept me awake at night for weeks, slept top of stairs till parents went to bed
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Stephen Hawking!
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