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09-08-2020, 15:58   #1
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My ultimate hangover cure. What's yours?

It's probably been asked before on Boards​.ie in various forms, but I want to add my own take on the dreaded hangover and how I developed a method to dramatically lessen the harmful effects of the grog.

Disclaimer: This is /my/ method and won't necessarily work for everyone, but you are free to try it out and see if it works. And this method doesn't entirely get rid of a hangover, it just lessens the effects.

1.) Soakage. It's an obvious one, but often overlooked. The trick is to get all three macros into your stomach so your body has everything it needs to survive the drinking session. My go-to method for years has always been a dirty kebab with generous amounts of dressing and plenty of lettuce. It has all three macros: Fat, Carbs, and Protein, and some micronutrients from the lettuce. It's not necessarily healthy just because it has three macros, but you could say it is tailor-made for a heavy night out drinking beer, and for me it works.

2.) Electrolytes, lost salts, & micronutrients. I'm not sure how well known this is, but alcohol strips your body of essential salts, micronutrients and electrolytes, leaving you feel horribly deprived and malnourished the following day. It is paramount to have all this ready to get back into your body as soon as you feel malnourished and deprived of nutrients. My favorite go-to to get these back is fresh spinach leaves, cacao powder, & tinned anchovies. The spinach restores micronutrients, the cacao is loaded with magnesium (and a mild stimulant called theobromine), something your body will be craving the following day, and the anchovies are packed with salt which again is stripped from your body by the grog.

3.) Headaches can be alleviated with Nurofen Plus. (I have no affiliation), I just love having this on hand because it has something that hasn't been banned in Ireland yet: Codeine. It's a terribly powerful pain-killer. Just do your homework on this as-well as ibuprofen as the two can have negative side-effects like constipation etc. One tablet is enough to banish my headaches. I know others who need two.

4.) Sugar. The science is there. Alcohol reduces your blood sugar and you will feel tired and drained after a session. So make sure your fridge is packed with six to eight of various cold cans of tonics like Red Bull, 7up, sparkling water, etc. You will need these throughout the day hence the large amount, and you will be thankful you don't have to make a half-drunken trip to the shop just to buy a can of sugar water.

And that's it! What is /your/ method for reducing the effects of a hangover? I'd love to know!
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09-08-2020, 16:01   #2
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Don’t drink
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09-08-2020, 16:06   #3
Leg End Reject
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I'm curious how sparkling water replenishes blood sugar levels?
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09-08-2020, 16:08   #4
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Not drinking
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09-08-2020, 16:09   #5
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Drinking hot water. It just goes straight in and flushes out the body very well. I usually drink one or two pints and am fine the next morning.

About 1/3 fresh boiled water 2/3 cold
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09-08-2020, 16:09   #6
Chalk McHugh
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Time is the only proven cure.
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09-08-2020, 16:09   #7
SEPT 23 1989
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Don't mix drink types
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09-08-2020, 16:10   #8
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Solpadeine, Dioralyte, Berocca in a pint glass of water. Repeat if necessary.
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09-08-2020, 16:10   #9
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Sounds great OP but from my own experience and talking to others hangovers seem to be a lot worse to deal with the older we get.

20 years ago I could leave a nightclub at 4am and while I might not have been feeling the best i could still do a days work but now not a hope.
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09-08-2020, 16:11   #10
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A fry, packet of chipsticks and an orange calippo. Big mug of tea too.
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09-08-2020, 16:12   #11
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A ride
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09-08-2020, 16:15   #12
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Lucozade and a chinese, will sort you right out.
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09-08-2020, 16:16   #13
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The ride, loads of water and a Chinese.
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09-08-2020, 16:17   #14
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Originally Posted by Galwayguy35 View Post
20 years ago I could leave a nightclub at 4am and while I might not have been feeling the best i could still do a days work but now not a hope.
Big +1 to that.

Exact same, was leaving a place at 4am on a Thursday and would get into work about 10:00, feeling terrible, but still able to soldier on and get through it.

These days there is no way I would do it, did something half similar a couple of years ago and was one of the worst horrors I've ever had.

OP, best tip I can give is drink a pint of water before bed, and have a bottle of something along the lines of Gatorade during the night, sip away on it when you wake up from time to time, etc.
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09-08-2020, 16:18   #15
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Originally Posted by Chalk McHugh View Post
Time is the only proven cure.
I always find a bit of alone time helps 😉
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