We've updated the charter to reflect our shared position on requesting and sharing engineering and user codes.
We've asked the users do not ask for details of engineering or user codes on this forum.

Going forward people who create these requests threads will receive a ban, and if someone replies to the thread indicating that they have PMed the answer they will also be banned.

Please assist the forum by reporting such requests, we have genuine reasons for taking this position.

If during general discussion you think there is a need to address the subject of engineering codes we can direct users to the charter where they are advised to contact the intruder alarm companies directly for engineering codes.

From the charter
Can I share Engineering/User Codes or Request an Engineering/User Codes?

No. We've taken the position to ban requesting and sharing engineering codes for alarm systems. If you want the engineering/user code for a company please contact them yourself. We do not want to be a conduit to obtain engineering or user codes. This is our position on same and will remain so until instructed to alter it. We are not influenced by what goes on elsewhere or what has gone on in the past. We don't hold an opinion on the ownership of these codes so we have no need to debate it. This is a simple position we have taken to isolate from such requests please respect it.