This forum is for anyone engaged in or interested in Distance or Part-Time Learning.

Hopefully the forum will serve as a place for people to come for advice about what courses to do, colleges to study with, how to balance study with work, how to get the most out of the limited time available to them and other things I haven't thought of.

Some might find it useful to pick the brains of people who have done or are doing the same course as them.

Please share your experience of any institutions you have studied with and any courses or modules you have done.

Keep any criticism as balanced as possible and try to be polite.

Do not post up answers to tutorials or assignments. Obviously there is far more scope for discussion of an essay type question than a maths one. Discussion of the general form of a maths/sciency question and asking for help is fine, just don't ask people to do your assignments for you and don't try to be clever by giving out the answers.
General discussion of assignment questions is grand, specific answers are not. It'll be ring-a-ding-ding for any bozo breaking this particular rule.

I hope this forum comes in handy for all you plucky folks improving yourselves in you spare time.