Welcome to the IT Certification board.

Please bear in mind the following when posting:

No Advertising
Well, nearly. If you know of a course running, please use the Certification Courses - What, When and Where thread. Off topic advertisements will be deleted.

No Spamming
Spamming will have your thread deleted and a small ban earned. Repeat offenders get longer bans.

No Flaming
I don't care if you think one course is rubbish or another is God's Gift to IT, if you're going to debate it be sensible about it and reason why. Flaming will win you a two week ban.

No linking to Braindump sites
Braindumps are considered harmful sites as they use questions often gotten in contravention to the terms of the exams in question. Test providers and certification authorities have been taking measures to prevent these exams and questions becoming public. Linking will earn the offender a warning, repeatedly linking will get a ban.

No linking to copyrighted material
There is to be no sharing of, or passing links to copyrighted test material. Bans will be earned.