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Italian dishwasher

My dishwasher has the programmes named in Italian and the manual doesn't say what they mean. Normale con/senza prelavaggio and breve I can understand, but what is "Ammollo"? Google translate tells me it is soak, but would it be more like Rinse?
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Well I'd say "soak" is the correct one. to put something "a mollo" literally means to soak/submerge(and keep submerged)/dip/dive... is putting stuff underwater (or another liquid) and keep it down inside there.
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Eilis Plasticpaddy
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Corkleo is right. When your stuff is particularly dirty, with stains hard to remove, you leave it in "ammollo", which is a program coming before the actual washing, just to make it easy for the cleaning powder to act better.
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