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11-12-2018, 14:03   #16
He Touched My Breast!!
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You should be able to pick up a nice Sony CRT for less than €50, even free
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18-12-2018, 21:20   #17
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Got Point Blank 1 &2 yesterday from London.
Second g con gun delivered yesterday.

Slim ps2 sourced from his uncle
Sony Trinitron sourced FOC from adverts

All done now. Just to set it up when I collect the ps2 at the weekend.

Have to try and hide this massive TV from herself now
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18-12-2018, 22:52   #18
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Is point blank not on PS1 ?
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19-12-2018, 09:38   #19
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Originally Posted by brianregan09 View Post
Is point blank not on PS1 ?
It'll run on the PS2 due to the backwards compatibility. Fairly sure you would need the original Gcon45 rather than the PS2 version though.

There's actually a great Namco shooter compilation for the PS2 called The Gunvari collection which has the Point Blank games, along with Time Crisis. (that works with the Gcon2)
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23-12-2018, 14:14   #20
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None of the g guns come with the yellow video splitter lead.

Attic searched I cleared out all my old splitter boxes.

I'm snookered.

If I found an old composite splitter box I'd parallel out three of the yellows.

I can't even find any if my single splitter one peice units.

Chance of Two player Point Blank for Christmas is massively diminished.
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23-12-2018, 22:58   #21
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Originally Posted by Stoner
Chance of Two player Point Blank for Christmas is massively diminished.

Got sorted with the AV splitting

Got an old poundshop parallel scart, a composite scart breakout for one gun and inline ps2 breakout for the other

Anyway poxy TV is not working.

Waste of time.

I give up I can't even lift the big mofo to try to fix it.

This project is dead. Young lad will have to be happy with Lego.

Happy Christmas everyone.
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08-01-2019, 00:41   #22
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Theres hope...
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