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20-03-2019, 21:25   #61
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They are totally untouchable.

Zero point in reporting this. I'm sure plenty of Tusla employees have seen it on social media, and you can be damn sure they won't be taking it any further.

Different story of course if me or you posted up a video of our 4 year old downing Guinness. The authorities would be at our house within hours.
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20-03-2019, 21:37   #62
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Originally Posted by the dunne View Post
You're read it, you're quite welcome to read it for what it is...

Hopefully it didn't offend anyone.
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20-03-2019, 21:57   #63
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Originally Posted by RHJ View Post
It sounds like they are in a pub or restaurant is it even legal for them to have a child on the premises consuming alcohol. I'm surprised they weren't kicked out.
Originally Posted by obi604 View Post
Are you mad?!

Imagine the hassle of trying to kick them out.
And the chances of getting sued afterwards.
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20-03-2019, 22:00   #64
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Originally Posted by AllForIt View Post
I always wondered why a lot of young traveler kids have big puffy faces. Answer: Guinness.
John Connors ( actor) must have had the black stuff hooked to his veins from aged three
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20-03-2019, 22:01   #65
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When’s he robs some pensioner in 20 years it will be the settled people’s fault that they turned him
into an alcoholic.

According to John Connors anyway.
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20-03-2019, 22:01   #66
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Originally Posted by dartboardio View Post
I remember a traveller girl that used to tag along at lunch and she'd be robbing condiments and stuff from the shop to bring home to her mam for the kitchen. Awful sad really.

They also wouldn't come to school for say 3 months at a time. Then the traveller boys on the other hand get away with murder and riding half the town. I know a couple of girls from school who ended up having children with some well known male travellers from around the town.

Lots of the older men travellers from where I live would be perverts too. There was actually a young girl raped not far from me by a traveller man who was a family man and had many children my age or who i went to school with etc and of course nothing happened.

I might sound really judgemental but they have never given me an excuse not to!

I do know one or two that seem nice.
Even as a teenager, you would need to be quite the skank to spread them for a traveller
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20-03-2019, 22:14   #67
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Will never again wear Puma after watching that.
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20-03-2019, 22:28   #68
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There's something so odd watching a few of those videos of grown men goading each other and talking about how much they're going to enjoy dishing out violence - all the while referring to their own fathers as their "daddies".
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20-03-2019, 22:36   #69
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Gagging for a guinness now after watching that.
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20-03-2019, 22:39   #70
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Originally Posted by Kivaro
Actually, my question is where is Zappone in all of this? She is the children's Minister. Maybe if the Traveller child was in Calais or Egypt, then she would act .... with the Irish media in tow.

Zappone or Tusla has no authority in Northern Ireland that's where this young lad and his family live. His father is under a judge's order to only enter the Republic up to 3 weeks of the year for family events.
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20-03-2019, 23:08   #71
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Originally Posted by Mike Oxlong View Post
I 24 hours!
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20-03-2019, 23:11   #72
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Irelands favourite ethnic minority?

Surely not, You must be mistaken.
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20-03-2019, 23:17   #73
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Originally Posted by Berties_Horse View Post
One of the most disturbing videos I've ever watched. This is what our government puts on a pedestal.
Anyone else and social services would step in , why don't they do so here ?
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20-03-2019, 23:24   #74
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any body know where this happened?
somebody mentioned enniskillen so not in tulsa's area.
no point in reporting with out the area
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20-03-2019, 23:25   #75
Irish Guitarist
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Look at you lot in your ivory towers. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Sure just after I was born the first thing my father did was give me a pint of Guinness. When the midwife tried to stop him he threatened to strangle her with the umbilical cord.
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