What is this forum:

This forum is for users to post messages of condolences and support for the family and friends of those in the public eye and boards users who have passed recently (recently is defined as being within the past month)

What this forum is NOT:

This forum is NOT a discussion forum.

This forum is NOT a place to air your grievances with the deceased or criticise their life nor is it a place to take umbrage with others' opinions of the individual.

The Rules:

In addition to the standard rules of Boards.ie which you agreed to when you signed up (for a refresher please review the terms HERE) there is one basic rule here:

"If you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all"

any trolling, thread spoiling, arguments, spamming etc may result in a forum ban without warning and possibly a siteban depending on the severity of the offense.

Any issues with a ban can be appealed by following the Dispute Resolution procedure which you can find HERE

If any user has an issue with another user's post, please do not respond on thread, instead report the post explaining your issue calmly and clearly and the mods will respond as required.

A thread may be temporarily removed pending clarification with the thread starter on its content (for example a thread for condolences on the passing of Genghis Khan would be removed unless the thread starter has a very very good reason for it to be here but in general, threads for historical figures or those who have passed more than a month prior to the thread start date are not allowed)

Linking to this forum from outside:

If you wish to post a link to this forum from another forum please link directly to the thread in question.

Please inform users in your linking post that the destination is in the Book of condolences forum and users unfamiliar with it should be sure to read the charter.

Linking from this forum to the outside:
Please do not link to external threads from this forum as the content of the destination thread may be at odds with the sentiment found in here.

If linking to an article on another site, please ensure that the article is suitable (the content of the linked article will be treated as if the user posted it). Also, please include a line or two (at most a paragraph) from the linked article so users know what they are opening before clicking the link.

Often signatures may contain images or messages that are not fitting for a book of condolences. To avoid confusion and offense please make sure you untick the box "Show your signature" (miscellaneous options for a new post, bottom right for a "quick reply")