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22-06-2019, 18:14   #46
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When my 17 year old nieces genuinely didn't know what a phonebox was. They are smart girls but I had to explain to them that there was a time when when I would tell my girlfriend that I would phone her at 8pm on Friday evening and I'd make my way to the end of the street to the nearest phonebox at 7.50. They were intrigued lol.
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22-06-2019, 18:15   #47
The Tedinator
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I reckon I have clothes older than some of the kids in work.
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22-06-2019, 18:16   #48
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Shopping around for insurance prices, being responsible about getting car services done on time, buying household essentials in bulk, being in bed at a reasonable time on weeknights, spending weeks deliberating on the style of dinner service to buy, keeping spare bulbs in a special basket on the shelf, never forgetting to fill the car up on a Sunday for the week, checking my partner has taken his multivitamin because he usually forgets.

Being sensible makes me feel old.
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22-06-2019, 18:17   #49
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My spotify stats...

I listen to dead people
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22-06-2019, 18:51   #50
tayto lover
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People snigger when I take out my flask and sandwiches at half-time at GAA matches.
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22-06-2019, 18:54   #51
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The fact that the Inbetweeners has been out of production for nearly 9 years.
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22-06-2019, 19:22   #52
Dog Man Star
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When your music app suggests you might like Def Leppard, and I think "yesssss"
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22-06-2019, 19:41   #54
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When I'm sitting on the toilet for a lot longer than I used to, that's the kind of sh1t that makes me feel old....
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22-06-2019, 19:41   #55
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Originally Posted by Gimme A Pound View Post
1999 being 20 years ago.

What... the... fuq?!
That's when I finished secondary school. In fairness, I was only 16 at the time but still, it's 20 years ago
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22-06-2019, 19:44   #56
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Discovering that someone you went to school with is now a granny. At 38 .....
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22-06-2019, 19:46   #57
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Stone Roses debut album is 30 years old. !!!
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22-06-2019, 19:48   #58
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Originally Posted by RhubarbCrumble View Post
Discovering that someone you went to school with is now a granny. At 38 .....
Oh god yeah - granny born in the 80s!
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22-06-2019, 19:52   #59
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Explaining to people you work with that when you started working a fax machine was a new invention....that you actually had a operate a telex machine.

(and still a lot more than 10 years to go until retirement)
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22-06-2019, 21:15   #60
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Originally Posted by Ted_YNWA View Post
I reckon I have clothes older than some of the kids in work.
I’m hoping they are not underwear
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