(This client can be contacted & met up with to show his results but didn't want his full name posted online. Pls contact Ailesbury Hair Implants for his contact info)

" In short - I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Ailesbury.

The more detailed version - it's very difficult to decide who to choose when you begin researching these procedures. What I like about the Ailesbury method is that it is built around safety and the ability to have more done down the line as the donor area at the back can regrow. It makes any clinic that uses the method of cutting away a patch of your skin look archaic and barbaric. Ailesburys procedure is the future and, I have to say, is a great price. I consulted with another, very well known clinic in Dublin, who were still doing the butcher method and charging 6 times the cost for the privilege!

- I have found Ailesbury helpful, accommodating, honest, friendly and true to their word every step of the way.

- When I booked my consultation everything was explained to me clearly. They took their time, happy to answer any questions. They didn't try to up sell to me or go for more than is necessary.

- I live outside Ireland and they have been so helpful with calling me, helping to arrange flights and accommodation.

- They contacted me in the lead up to the procedure to make sure I was doing things right.

- I was looked after so well on the day. I was given food, water, made comfortable, given a selection of films to watch as the procedure was carried out. The whole day went so smoothly.

- I was given all the necessary products for post procedure and everything well explained. They kept in touch after the procedure to see how it went and answered any questions I had. I never seemed like a burden. They really did seem to understand how worrying this whole process could be for someone.

- Ailesbury kept in contact with me to arrange my 9 month review of the process.

- They say that 90% of the transplanted hair will take to the new site and if it doesn't then they will do a touch up to reach this point free of charge. I thought that a company may be awkward about carrying through with this or may argue the results with me. I was so pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. In fact, I didn't have to mention it, the doctor looked at my results and pointed out the tiny areas that they will fill in to get the complete look they wanted.

- Which leads me to one of my final and most important points. I have to say, I feel Ailesbury and their staff are artists. Artists and absolute professionals. They take total pride in their work. That was evident to me on my 9 month review. They know the best result they can get for each client and they want their work to look the best it can. That is what you get, and that sort of service is worth a lot. You won't get a shoddy job, you get people that are only happy when they have done their job brilliantly. Not only that but when I spoke of another procedure down the line on a different part of my head that is receding, they advised that I shouldn't for a couple of years as it's not bad at the moment, and no point risking it. Such honesty! They could have said yes and got themselves more business at my expense, at my risk, but they didn't. That is honesty, artistry, professionalism and pride of work.

- Seriously, I can't recommend them enough. And, as I know I haven't mentioned it yet, I am so happy with the result. I'm an actor so my looks are important. I see myself now in pictures or film and compare it to before the procedure, and I'm so delighted I went through with it.

I have had a great experience, so that's all I can talk about. My truth. I hope this proves helpful to others out there. I know it's difficult and there's a lot of info out there and hard to know who/what to believe but I hope the truth in what I say comes through. "

​Shane N.​