Got myself an Archer VR400 router/modem. Device itself is good but the parental control app that comes bundled with it is pure crap.

I can select a device, and either whitelist or black list sites ( not both. one or the other ) and what ever rules I apply, then apply for all devices.

Need more fine grained approach.

I simply want to do stuff like.
-Block list of websites for child A device, whitelist sites for them also
-Different lists for child B.
-only apply rules for child C at certain times of day.
-Be able to block all devices at click of a button ( I could do that with my old plusnet router and it was 8 yrs old )

Is there any app I can run on my PC/Phone that will allow me control all these settings on my router?
Free, Paid for, doesnt matter. I just need some means to do the above. Any suggestions welcome.