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17-01-2020, 16:24   #1
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Is there a point in growing my hair out?

I'm 22 and I want to start growing my hair out but I'm worried I'll have to cut it once I finish college for a job. How accepted is long hair on men in Ireland?
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20-01-2020, 09:19   #2
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Two questions really, how long is "long", and will you put in the effort to maintain it? Plenty of men get on fine in professional environments with long hair, but you have to be willing to look after it.

On the scale of long - Jason Mamoa -> Keanu Reeves -> Timothee Chalamet?
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20-01-2020, 11:14   #3
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You could always grow it out and then tie it back if you are going for a job. But it depends on what kind of job you're going for. If it's IT or back office then it probably doesn't matter, once you're clean. But if its a more customer facing role then there might be an expectation that you have it shorter.

But once it's neat then it shouldn't really matter. I'd say grow it out now, and sure in a year's time or whenever you may want to cut it anyway. I used to grow mine out, then get a blade 8, then grow out again, blade 8 etc. Until it all fell out and now I've no choice in the matter!
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20-01-2020, 11:32   #4
baby and crumble
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It really depends on how neat your general grooming is and what sector you're looking for work in.

In general I'd always recommend reading up on how to care for long hair. It's hard enough work, especially if you want to keep it looking professional. In most roles you'd be expected to probably keep your hair up during the work day, tbh even women with long hair can't always get away with sheets of flowing hair when they're trying to work - if nothing else I always found when I had long hair that it just got in the way.
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20-01-2020, 13:12   #5
LLewellen Farquarson
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Well, I'm 54 and starting to grow my hair out. Luckily I still have it on the top of my head, so I won't be a Stringfellow or a mullet bearer.
I have always had my hair short, think 1 at the sides and 4 on top, so I decided on a change. I still need to go the barber every 3 weeks/month, but she just keeps the sides in check until the top is long enough to start growing them out (read a lot on the internet about how to do it, it's interesting).
And if I don't like it, I'll just get it cut again.

It does depend on the career you are going for. While I would guess most are fine, some of the old school, think accountancy etc., may not be as flexible.

I have no idea when I'll stop, just seeing what happens and might call a halt when it's as long as my wife's (or not). Based in the internet articles, there are certainly stages of "Jesus, just cut it off!" along the journey. And I do draw the line at hairbands!
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