As a big fan of all things Inov-8, I've been searching for a replacement for their old RoadX line of runners for a good few years. Those things used to fit me like a glove but are long discontinued and impossible to find online now.

At some point they seem to have brought out the Roadtalon and Roadclaw models. I have the Roadclaw, which is a bit bulkier than I like. I can't for the life of me find anywhere selling the Roadtalon 240 online (except for 1 UK site). I have the Trailclaw and Trailtalon runners too - if their road versions are like-for-like, I expect the Roadtalon 240 would be exactly what I'm looking for.

Does anyone else use Inov-8 for non-trail running?

Anyone have any insight into why their distribution channels over here (or maybe anywhere for that matter) seem so non-existent?

I can't find any press releases indicating its a discontinued line, or any commentary on Inov-8 availability generally.

Just very perplexed!

Thanks in advance...