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21-01-2020, 23:56   #1
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Brown Thomas, Skangers and their runners that are 5 times too big

Has anyone else noticed this? Not that the men’s dept of BT is filled with skangers but that they wear their runners about 5 times too big or is it just their gangly underdeveloped teenage bodies that hasn't grown into their feet, kinda like a puppy dog with big paws.
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22-01-2020, 00:14   #2
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....the illusion of wealth
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22-01-2020, 07:31   #3
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It’s grand, the majority will be after shooting each other by next year
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22-01-2020, 07:37   #4
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No illusions just delusional spending of ill gotten gains

We white collar criminals we are creating the process by buying cocaine but it's the vicious cycle of criminal enterprise. Plus I like a way to feel numb and invincible at the same time which only comes from dangerously unstable levels of coke.
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Not sure what the point of this thread is and we don't appreciate that kind of derogatory language around here.
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