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06-04-2003, 20:54   #16
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I was always really interested in Cuman na Geadheal from 1922-32.
All the political backplay such is realy intriguing
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06-04-2003, 21:07   #17
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The Spanish Civil War. I've been living in Spain now for a few years and their civil war doesn't have the fascination for Spaniards as it does for many foreigners. We've tended to see it as Europe's last "romantic war" in very black and white terms. It was in fact very messy and dirty, with atrocities on both sides. There's been a sort of unspoken agreement here in Spain to not go on too much about it, until recently at least. Until everyone involved is dead I suppose.
A fascinating period to try and get you teeth into though.
The Irish dimension is interesting too, with Frank Ryan on the Republican side (getting rescued by the nazis from Burgos prison, showing up the peculiar contradictions of Irish politics that are very hard to explain to people outside Ireland) and Eoin O'Duffy's Blueshirts on the Francoist catholic church sanctioned fascist side.

As Truckle mentioned the period leading up to independence is very interesting in Irish History.
Going back furthur I'd love to read more about Gaelic Recovery in the period prior to the Tudor conquest in the 16th century. Living abroad I've become more and more obsessed with how our native language began it's catastrophic decline, and the usual stuff about the famine and the penal laws doesn't explain it enough. The roots of rot seem to go much deeper in history than that.
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09-04-2003, 20:19   #18
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Japanese history.

From the feudal stuff - daimyos and the odd Shogun especially the interaction with Western civilisation when it came about.

Also their involvement in WW2 and in particular the events leading to it.

Fascinating stuff.
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24-04-2003, 09:59   #19
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I like Early Christian and Early Medieval myself, with a smattering of Ancient.

The Templars, Hospitallers, all that sort of stuff, plus Akhenatun, Rameses the Great and all that.

Particular favourites would be the Order of the Temple, Priory of Zion and the whole mystique that surrounds them.

Early Christain is fascinating too in trying to establish the historical personages at the heart of what is now a "Disney" story.

Malcom Barber's The New Knighthood and the trial of the Templars are both good, Piers Paul Reid's The Templars and any of the mythos stuff is generally good for reading on this area.

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03-05-2003, 22:49   #20
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Archidamian War 431 - 421 BC or if really pushed to it, Athenian Democracy 511 - 323 BC
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04-05-2003, 06:02   #21
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methinks id have like to have witnessed the Battle of Troy.........nothing like Greek mythology for blood guts and gore)
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04-05-2003, 12:36   #22
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There was no single battle of Troy - the archaeologists who examined the site theorised that there were actually several battles at Troy - not just the epic Agamemnon vs Troy story as portrayed by Homer. There was no 10 year seige and Troy was burned down several times apparently.
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