Simple problem, simple solution! The spindle on the roller drive wheel of my Titan planer-thicknesser snapped, but I can fix it (it's out of warranty). However, there's a "retracting spring" that looks like it should be attached to one of the adjacent plates, only it's not obvious exactly how it should be anchored.

The exploded parts diagram is too exploded, the photo in the instruction manual is miniscule and too dark, and the only video I've found on YT that shows the inner workings doesn't show the spring (it's hidden behind the drive wheel). Yesterday, I called into the shop where I bought it and asked if they could remove the cover so I could see how it all came together. Nope.

So would any of you nice people happen to have one handy (model TTB342BTE, aka TTB579PLN, sold through Screwfix amongst others, now re-branded as MacAllister where I am) and be able to post or PM a picture of the spring in situ?