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A couple of years ago we got the Irish ferry to holyhead in a storm. The big one that sails in all weathers but on this occasion the boat was lurching something chronic and there was people getting sick all over the boat and looking a bit green etc.

Well we sat at the bar drinking guinness, but the bar 'man' was just a lad, and he didn't take the motion very well despite working on the boats.

So we are sitting there at bar, and asked him for another round. He starts pouring, then lurches over to the sink and is sick. However with true dedication he gets back to pulling the pints, which was well appreciated. He earned his tip that day!

We eventually got to holyhead, had a good trip, and a few pints.
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Joe Schmo
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Do Not Be Afraid.....
Is there somewhere nearby for a good slap-up meal afterwards?
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My wife's granny visited from Poland when she turned 80. She is from the Silesia, in the south of Poland, in what used to be Germany. She came to Ireland and it was her first time to leave Poland and her first time flying. We took her on several local trips but the highlight was Kilmore. She had never seen the sea before, or sand. Imagine, 80 years old and had never seen the sea or stood on sand. We hired a boat and went across to the Saltees, for her it was magic, for us it was amazing Her joy was her our joy.
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We emigrated from England to South Africa, and travelled on the mail ship. Great time on board, especially crossing the equator.
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This thread really got me thinking about all my experiences on boats and I am surprised at how many I have had! Now I am about to make myself sound totally unworthy of the prize as I turn into a big show off and list all my boating experiences..... (Kinda listing them for myself too so that I can realise how much I love an auld boat). It also makes me think about how far Irish people have come in terms of boating experiences, what the people experienced on famine ships is the polar opposite of what Irish people experience today.

• The usual ferries to the UK, France, Aran Islands etc.
• Rowing boats round the "Green Venice" in Western France.
• Touring the Whitsundays in an Americas cup competitor Yacht (overnight with a crowd of Canadians and Israeli's and lots of beer). Kayaking around islands in Fiji and also the cook islands.
• A cruise around Fiji too, but not a fancy one, it was more like a floating hostel.
• Those petrifying longtail boats that get you to different islands in Thailand, one experience was in a storm where I had to transfer from one long tail to another in deep water, terrifying!
• Touring around Milford Sound in New Zealand, majestic!
• A slightly stoned canal tour in Amsterdam trying to look through foggy windows at Christmas light displays, more disappointing than it sounds.
• Shannon River cruise, good times!
• The Dublin Bay cruise, was brilliant as it was on one of those scorchingly hot summer days we had two years ago.
• An Alaskan cruise as part of our Honeymoon, a once in a lifetime experience!

I know as soon as I click "post reply" I will think of more but that is enough SHOWBOATING for today!
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18-02-2020, 13:07   #53
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It was horrendous. Noisy, slow, screaming kids everywhere, uncomfortable seats, and then we were chased by locals with machetes.

Last time I'm going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!
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As a young fella out on a lake in a boat with cousins feeling very brave. That was until we moved over a section of reeds which highlighted just how deep the lake was below us. I wasn't long sitting down and asking to go back to shore.
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That time it didnt sink
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Some years ago I was one of the lucky ones to sail from New Ross to Newport in Wales on board the Dunbrody. It was smooth sailing and we had a fair wind all the way and arrived to a fantastic welcome. What made it extremely memorable for me was such a large vessel moving under wind power alone and getting the opportunity to climb the rigging. I even have a photo of myself leaning over the main royal to prove it, and I didn't use the "lubbers hole" either.
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As a kid with my family, we are brought to the Aran Islands on one of the early passenger ferries around 1990. Those were the days when they didn't take too much heed to how the sea conditions were. On this particular journey the captain got us all to stand on the port side of the boat as there were huge waves and we are crossing diagonally up them. I thought it was all part and parcel of a typical journey to the islands! It took many years later to realise that all passengers were being used as ballast that day!!
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I had my 25th birthday party on the Jeanie Johnston - does that count?
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