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Originally Posted by Hotblack Desiato View Post
Did that when we were on honeymoon, I was hungover to f**k and spent most of it in a foetal position trying not to vomit just as I was feeling OK again we were sailing back into port! There was unlimited cold beer included in the ticket but I didn't touch a drop - most unlike me that's for sure - maybe a hair of the dog would have sorted me out!
Yep sounds about right, we were well stocked up with tooheys new and snacks but as soon as we hit the rough seas most of the passengers were retching over the side of the boat emptying their full tummies
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Booze Cruise in Ayia Napa!!
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I got a boat to holyhead once, it went clinkety clankety all the way there. I then got the same boat back.
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17-02-2020, 11:59   #19
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Took a mini cruise on the Vlatva River in Prague with the wife years ago can honestly say it was the most relaxing 3 days I have ever had with the fab scenery, food and beer, those were the days.
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on our honeymoon myself and my wife took a private trip around capri and visiting the amalfi coast, really was magical
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Love the sea, my most memorable moment was a little tamer than most though, brought the kids for a tour of Spike Island about 5 years back, we were in the middle of a heatwave, I remember leaving Cobh and going out on the water, it was like the Mediterranean, beautiful, a great introduction for the kids to being aboard.
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17-02-2020, 13:26   #22
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Does a cruise on the honeymoon count? When docked at Malta, we hopped on a bus and kayaked back to the ship. Was mad to paddle in beside it, the sheer size of it in comparison.
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I'm going to be a lil different here but I'm going to say a hovercraft spin from Portsmouth to Isle of Wight was my most memorable cruise, basically my nan had a friend there and myself and brother were like 5 and 6 years old, so basically 30 years ago, was just weird heading into these strange machines as I didn't have a clue what we were on and remember the craft rise when the air was pumped up and basically it was like a jet ski skimming through the waves, even better I recall screens to watch a film on the small TV so imagine everyone bouncing around trying to watch the TV and get to the end of isle or Wight ramp and speed up it and wait for the craft to lower, journey didn't last long but was the strangest coolest transport I been on and il never forget it.
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Luna Moon Hunter
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Took a boat to Aran Islands a couple of years ago - I insisted to sit on top in hope of catching a glimpse of the dolphins - it got very windy and choppy and I got such a bad winburn my face went dark red/brownish and I couldn't make any facial expressions for a week. My hubby was in stitches
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17-02-2020, 14:50   #25
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Mackerel. Lots of mackerel....

On one of our two ever family holidays when I was a kid, we rented a holiday home in Stradbally, Waterford. Had a lovely time etc.


The auld fella, as was his wont, met a local man in the local boozer, who offered to take us out fishing the next day. I was of course very excited about this the next morning when told, imagining an afternoon out casting lines and eating ham sandwiches, and returning like a hero with my prize piscine ready to stuff and mount. I had no experience of fishing, but I’d seen it on the telly and it looked like fun.

No. Not fun. At all.

The three of us headed out in a 10ft dingy, not a rod in sight. I don’t know if out early ever fished for mackerel, but you don’t actually need any gear. You just park up the boat, wave over the side, and in they all jump. We were using handlines, with coloured feathers as bait. About 10 hooks to a line. You’d drop the line in, feel a ruckus below, and haul in ten fish. Again. And again. And again.....

The first time was a bit of a thrill. The second time brought a sense of realisation, and by the end of the trip, we were literally, and I do mean ‘litearally’ in its correct, non-millennial sense, sitting waist deep in mackerel with only a few inches of water clearance. A solid fart would have tipped us over, and I couldn’t feel my hands. So, we got back to dry land and loaded our haul into plastic trays, myself and the ol’ man taking our share back to the gaff. This was maybe the third day of a two week holiday. We had mackerel for dinner that evening. And for breakfast and lunch the next day, and I’m sure you see where this is going....
A chest freezer in the gaff meant that none of the mackerel went to waste.

The end of the holiday came, and of course, the remaining mackerel (about half our catch) couldn’t be thrown out. It had to come back with us to Dublin in the boot of a blue cortina estate, on a really hot summer’s day, pre-motorway. A long drive. As you’d imagine, the fish that couldn’t be dumped before we left nearly walked themselves off the car by the time we got home, and I swear if by some miracle that cortina is still running somewhere, the owner is wondering about the vaguely fishy smell every time they sit in. I still can’t stomach the thought of feckin’ mackerel.

So. My memorable boat story is really about the aftermath, and not the voyage. And I don’t want those tickets. They might bring me too close to a shoal of mackerel.
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Boat out to visit the Skelligs as a kid one year. Sea was so rough we couldn't dock and on the way back every single person bar the crew were sick. Still have nightmare about all that dinner sloshing around on the floor inside the boat.
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Got the oul plastic landing craft to the Aran Islands, would make the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan proud.

Sea thumping on the keel, waves crashing over the ramp, unable to see over the high sided skiff the shouts of alarm and dread from the passengers with each successive wave as it crashed over managed to drown out the constant drone of the engine.

Rubbing shoulders with other weary travelers and locals alike, the foul smell of long decayed fish guts and vomit mixing with the notes of sea weed and gull droppings only served to heightened the once in a life time, never to be repeated experience.

Until 4 hours later when I had to go back to the mainland.
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We took a boat out to the Skelligs rocks on a windy day, my poor sister got very seasick but it was fabulous to get so close to them!
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17-02-2020, 18:11   #30
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We took two Glennans yachts from Kinsale to Scilly Isles and Lands End. Great trip except I broke my big toe on the way over and was hopping around carefully the whole trip. On the way back it blew hard, we returned to Kinsale at dead of night with nil visibility, choppy water and doing 5-6 knots with just a small Jib (Headsail) on. But good fun.
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