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13-02-2020, 12:16   #31
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I sing in the shower
When the pressure is grand.
The water is warm
And I lead the band.

When the pressure falls
My voice is in crescendo
As the icy cold water
Sprays onto my pudendo!
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13-02-2020, 12:18   #32
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Questioned the price of these things in a recent AMA, but I still want one.
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13-02-2020, 12:21   #33
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Name in the hat
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13-02-2020, 12:35   #34
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13-02-2020, 12:48   #35
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count me in please
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13-02-2020, 12:49   #36
Lord Spence
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Not having a clean story about you in the shower only means one thing, a broken shower!
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13-02-2020, 12:50   #37
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I'll always remember about a month into dating my now husband, he offered to come over and do steaks for dinner. While he was in the kitchen of my flat, I decided to grab a shower in the adjoining bathroom.
Quite a few thoughts passed through my mind as I stood there silently frozen listening to the rasping of a knife being sharpened.

Almost 9 years later and I'm sure he's regretted letting me live once or twice!
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13-02-2020, 13:03   #38
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Now I always keep a Ghurka knife in the shower so at least I'll have a fighting chance
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13-02-2020, 13:20   #39
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I'm in the shower repair & installation business. I'm in & out of dozens of bathrooms every week. 10 years ago we had our long cold winter. Id be bundled up in hat, gloves, polo tshirt, zip up fleesy & a heavy duty fur lined jacket. I was cozy out in the elements. Each time I entered someones bathroom the hat, gloves, jacket & fleesy would come off as everyone had the heating running overtime. I spent more time putting this gear on & taking it off than I did actually repairing the shower!

One home I'm in, I'm in the bathroom & I hear a little boy shout "Da! He's having a shower!" from the bottom of the stairs.

The DA replies "NO, he's fixing the shower"

"No da, He's having a shower. He's getting all nudey"

Maybe it doesn't come across here as funny but I was doubled over with laughter & out of decades in the business it's my favorite story. It still makes me smile.

I have the Shower Gem myself & I see it in many showers here in Dublin. I think it's a wonderful Irish product. I see comments about the price. If you see it as a bit of plastic I see how it can look expensive. It's a one off purchase & to see the clutter it removes I think it good value
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13-02-2020, 13:26   #40
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My daughter had a life size cardboard cut out of Niall Horan, I left it inside the shower cubicle in the en-suite after the Mrs had gone to sleep one night, knowing she was first up the following morning, the shriek was blood curdling, didn't get laid for quite a while after that,
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13-02-2020, 13:33   #41
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In our old house the shower was in the bath, and the shower door was a heavy glass thing that you could swing in over bath or out wide. In the middle of the night it fell off into the bath tub, making an almighty loud bang. I slept through it, my wife thought the house was being robbed.
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13-02-2020, 13:38   #42
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Any shower stories I have are not for posting here. ..
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13-02-2020, 13:45   #43
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Great product
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13-02-2020, 13:52   #44
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Would love to win this, seems to be great reviews of them
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13-02-2020, 13:54   #45
Mr E
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Nearly had a serious accident in Trabolgan a few years ago. We had rented a lodge there and I was having a shower the day I arrived (a bath with a shower attachment).
Someone else had been in the shower before me so the surface inside was wet and soapy, and there was no anti-slip mat inside.

You can guess the rest (it involved forced splits, cracked nuts and a very loud expletive).
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