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14-05-2020, 09:12   #16
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Originally Posted by MintyMagnum View Post
Fourth R ... Refuse

If you can refuse to buy unnecessary stuff in the first place you don't have to worry about the other three Rs
Surely that is covered by reduce. Reduce mean to reduce your consumption of waste materials by not consuming/buying them in the first place.
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14-05-2020, 09:13   #17
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Originally Posted by Del.Monte View Post
And pick up less crap - years ago I was beating this into my kids. Thinking specifically of Argos, Ken Black catalogues and the like.
It's all amazon and pennies now. Society has taken a disposable view of everything due to the low money cost. But people need to factor in the environmental cost of getting some €3 trinket from the internet flown to them from China.
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If each country was 'forced' to deal with their own waste internally, or in conjunction with another approved outside entity, having first done initial processing (separated the waste into the required types etrc.), then things could improve drastically.

So for Ireland, as an example, we would have to treat our own waste 'in house' or sell our plastic waste to some approved facility outside our borders.

This would no doubt encourage import tariffs on products with excess packaging, that costs us to process. By this means manufacturers would be 'financially encouraged' to alter their packaging to something with less environmental impact.

The same format could be used for each type of waste and introduced one by one over time.

Such a scheme would of course require that all EU (and associated) countries accept it and agree to comply.

At present, as far as I am aware, once the waste leaves the control of the collectors of the waste, there is no assurance from or responsibility on, the collectors that the waste is treated correctly and in an environmentally friendly fashion at its destination.

Such as this could help reduce the present damage being caused in countries who accept waste without having proper treatment in place for it.
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two wheels good
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Originally Posted by Fiatx19 View Post
Recycling is a con in my opinion. We used to have one council truck collect the waste. Now we have 9 trucks, 3 different waste companies with general, recycling and compost.
That's more a comment on the efficiency of collection - and the privatisation of council services.

I've no doubt that the recycling of cans, metal and glass is very effective. Because they have a reliable monetary value.
Recycling aluminium material is particularly benefitial - environmental damage of mining, huge energy saving of recycling alu instead of manufacture from raw materials.
Recycling of some clean sorted plastics is effective. Drinks manufacturers agreed to use more recycled material but are dragging their feet.

Originally Posted by Fiatx19 View Post
The recycling used to be sent to the far East to be thrown in the sea to destroy marine life. Now it's probably going into landfill.
I think that's unfair criticism of those countries. They don't want waste; they want recyclable material. They have a lot of problems with unscupulous dealers in developed countries sending contaminated recyclables abroad. And their own local dodgy dealers too of course.
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03-06-2020, 18:09   #20
Sam Russell
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Originally Posted by elperello View Post
Recycle is the last option of the three Rs

Reduce , Reuse , Recycle

Only when you have applied the first two options to everything you buy should you use the third.

Not saying it's easy but every little bit helps.
There are FOUR Rs not three.

Refuse - verb - do not take it in the first place.

Reduce - verb - take less of it, or take it less often.

Recycle - verb - send to get the matter repurposed for reuse, either by changing it into something useful, or reformed in new versions as is cardboard, tin cans, and some plastics. Aluminium is typically recycled in to new aluminium by 98% of the input material. Glass can be recycled at a very high level - some old glass is needed to make new glass, and the more old glass makes the new glass cheaper.

Refuse - noun - the stuff that gets sent to the incinerator or landfill. This is the worst option, and needs be avoided.

It is better to try to do the first and so on down the list, with landfill being the worst of the worst and it should be avoided at much as possible.
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