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03-04-2018, 17:20   #1 Mark Employee Mark's Avatar
Archiving the LaTeX Forum

Hi all,

As you may or may not know, there's been a review ongoing of all the Hosted forums (link) - basically we're looking through them all and seeing which ones are very active and can be made into full forums, and which are inactive and can be archived.

Unfortunately, LaTeX falls into the latter, so it is in line to be shelved in the near future. All content will still be available to view and privacy/hidden statuses will remain the same so only those who had access to the forum will be able to view it after it's been archived. The forum itself, however, will move to a different 'archive' section.

We'll look at making LaTeX Read Only at the end of the week and move it to The Vault shortly thereafter.

If anyone has any questions, please fire ahead. Mark is offline  
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Probably good to leave a suggested alternative at the top of the forum before closing it.

(Like on Boards, not just the usual "copy the error message into a search engine and just ignore hboxes" from stackoverflow)
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06-04-2018, 16:28   #3 Mark Employee Mark's Avatar
Setting this to read-only now. Development has been a resource for people to talk about the use of LaTeX in the past and would be best suited for queries. Mark is offline  
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