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08-04-2008, 02:05   #1
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Images of the Second World War - Possibly NSFW

I think a thread dedicated to images of the War is in order. No chat, just photos? And of course good taste ! (no camp victims/extreme violence ect?). Let me get the ball rolling.

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08-04-2008, 07:20   #2
Dr Strange
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Nice one, Grimes.

But I do think that the photos need captioning or at least a title explaining what they are about. It would make it more interesting and informative.

I'll be happy to post some in future with some titles/comments.
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08-04-2008, 09:02   #3
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...and as well, we have to be careful about copyright laws...

Nice pictures, BTW.
Will post a few photos from my archive at some stage as well.
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08-04-2008, 09:27   #4
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edited till later

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09-04-2008, 09:03   #5
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First batch from my collection:

Town of Znojmo in South Moravia, Czech Republic- during summer months of 1945. In front of bombed out railway station was "junk yard of war machinery" no longer needed. There was a motley collection of german and soviet tanks /remnants of Division Feldherrenhalle 2/ together with Hungarian Turan I and II tanks, Renaults, KingTigers, Panthers, Jagdpanthers, Hetzers, Jagdpanzers, IS2s, T34s and soft skin vehicles.

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09-04-2008, 11:03   #6
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One of the most famous images of the war, Warsaw Ghetto 1943. I actually read somewhere that the boy in question actually survived the war, but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

Very haunting picture of Russian dead, taken by German soldier in 1941. They died defending their knocked out tank.

Two pictures showing Utashi brutality; an area of WW2 completely alien to most people. They were responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands.

German soldier in front of burning building, Poland 1939.

POW points out German guard who used to beat them, 1945.

Russian and American harmony, April 1945.

Picture showing the reality of war, German soldier crushed and left to be passed over by tracked vehicles , 1942.

Improvised memorial to fallen soldiers on D-Day.

On the road to Stalingrad.

Beautiful picture showing initial good relations between German soldiers and the native Eastern population who longed to be liberated from Stalin.

Battle of Kursk.

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09-04-2008, 11:04   #7
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Japanese prisoner of war washing.

Home leave.

Sudetan woman crying as forced to give Hitler salute, 1938.

Very young German soldiers lucky to be captured.

Very famous picture, used in Wolfenstein

Near miss in Russia!

Battle of the Bulge

Interesting picture; captured 'German' soldier.

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(2) thanks from:
09-04-2008, 11:04   #8
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German soldiers executed by US army at Dachau

Prisoners, taken before they beat this man to death with a shovel, 1945.

Famous picture of Waffen SS soldier executed at close range by either American soldier, or Prisoner armed by American soldier.

Approaching Berlin

Street Fighting in Berlin, April 1945

Volksturm, result of Nazi desperation.

Dead German soldier in front of Brandenburg Gate.


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09-04-2008, 13:34   #9
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Some great photos there.
Might be worth throwing a "[Possibly NSFW]" caption to the thread title?
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09-04-2008, 13:46   #10
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...and I have to remind you about copyright laws again, lads.

Nice pictures, btw
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09-04-2008, 20:54   #11
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Not trying to be funny Grimes but how can you have pictures in good taste about a conflict that claimed over 50 million lives. Did the camps not happen, was it not an extremely violent and often barbaric war? I'm sure if you asked any veterans they would tell you there was not much in good taste about the whole thing. This is a WW2 forum for people who have broad enough minds to know that this stuff happened but that it is acceptable to discuss these events in a mature manner.
I presume you think your pictures are in good taste, the ladies dancing are probably celebrating news of an early German victory in which thousands of innocent soilders died protecting their families(this is just a guess, I'm not sure what the picture is), the Russian soilders lazing about in the field have probably seen thousands of their comrades masacred by the German onslaught, these men then may have gone on to torture and disembowel living german pow's, forced others to eat their own genitals or maybe impaled them on their bayonetted K98's.
Terrorfirmer's pictures are what really happened and happen in war to this day, people die and as far as I can remember it is hard to die in good taste.
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14-04-2008, 00:43   #12
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I hope I dident put anybody off posting pictures in this thread, I'm not against pictures of any kind, I really liked all the pictures that were posted and would love to see more, pictures say a thousand words and I had not seen most of these pictures before. I just dont like this watered down "good taste" crap. War is war, millions of people died, most of us can accept that fact, if you cant WW2 is not for you. Please post more pictures, the more people see, the more they understand.
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Thanks from:
14-04-2008, 09:53   #13
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This is a website with the pictures from the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. It has pretty cool feature - you can see the pictures taken in 1944 and with one click see what the place looks like now. It's in polish I'm afraid, but it doesn't really matter, as it's just pictures really. Just click on one of the links (they are names of the streets on which the picture was taken), and than using a control underneath the picture (which says "zamien") you can see what did the place look like in 1944. See what urban combat can do to the city.

And here is some of my favourites:

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14-04-2008, 12:19   #14
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Cool link ojewriej! I love the whole 'then and now' thing, whenever I see pics from the war (or history in general) I always have to think 'I wonder what it looks like now', that site satisfies my need!

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16-04-2008, 10:39   #15
Boondock Saint
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Thanks folks, some excellent ones there.

Special thanks to Terrorfirmer.
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