Hi, I have never posted on this forum before and if mods see fit please delete/move as appropriate (I am reasonable active on the photography forum).

My wife has a Toyota 2006 Vitz 900cc Automatic (Japanese import) which she drove for about 2 years. Its a grand car with 120Km, well specked and running well (in date tax, NCT etc). I recently gave her my car (2007 Saab 9-3 convertible which she loves - major brownie points gained).

She loved the Vitz. But a few weeks after we got it she was puzzled by the front passenger seat and the "bulge" beneath at the rear of the seat and the arm rests on (on both sides) and a fold up foot rest.

So I had a look at it. Found some buttons on the side of the seat and googled it. Turns out it is a Toyota factory fitted electric seat for a disabled passenger. It allows the passenger to enter and exit the car via a fully electric motor which turns the seat through 90 degrees and extends outside the car (we got quite a slagging over it - mainly me).

The car is a good car and I will have no problem getting a fair price for it. But the seat costs about €3K new from what I can find (I am open to correction on that).

I am not interested in selling the car for a premium as a "disabled passenger" car - we didn't pay extra for it so why should the next owner! What I am trying to find out is the best place to offer it for sale so that the someone can get the benefit of this "feature".

Any suggestion would be appreciated - I would like the car to go to someone who would benefit from the "extra" we never paid from.

Kind regards

Adrian Sadlier