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03-04-2018, 13:03   #1
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Moving to america with kids ??

Calling for all families that have up and left with young babies.. I need your help. Me and my fiance have 2 babies under 2 . He used to work in the haulage environment which meant he was never home he would be gone for a week,home for a day and gone again. It wasn't the life for us so he got work where he would be home Every night... it pays penny's (we new that would be the case ) any ways before I had my daughter we often spoke of immigrating to the U.S.. what I'm asking is if there is anybody on here that had bit the bullet and left.. there is no life here for our children and we will never have our vision I'm this country. We need a fresh start. He would be looking to do labouring type work as in agricultural he's a farmer at heart haha.. would you mind just talking us through the steps you took, what part of America you went to and the pros and cons please. Can't really find what I'm looking for online just want real life stories. Thank you. X
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Have you looked at your visa options yet?

I don't think it will be easy for you to move there legally for farm work unless you have the cash to buy a farm.
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