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19-11-2019, 16:11   #61
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Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
I really thought a vent cover with a good seal that opened and closed based on the humidity would be about €30 a pop. It seems a very simple thing!

Personally, I'm looking to replace the crap "hit and miss" vent covers we have that do nothing to block draughts even if they're closed with some that will only open as and when required (i.e. when humidity levels are high in the room).
The aereco units don't seal fully either so if it's very draughty, they might not solve your problem. Although they do "diffuse" the airflow before the section that opens and closes - my terminology

Also, they are not designed to be passive vents, they are intended to be used with continuously running extracts (at variable speeds) in high humidity rooms. These fans reduce the air pressure inside the house so air is sucked in through the vent. This is supposed to be achieved by the centrally ducted aereco extractors but we have just gone for humidity controlled stand alone extractors in those rooms.
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Yeah that seems pretty pricey one thing I had considered was single room heat recovery vents such as this one.
They are fairly pricey but would consider just putting them in main moist air rooms, i.e. bathroom and kitchen.
Currently most of the vents in house are blocked up anyway and we just open the windows regularly to refresh the air.
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21-11-2019, 12:31   #63
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As an aside to this, Varadkar has said the following from this article:

'Phenomenal' €50bn cost for retrofitting of all homes - Varadkar

He said the European Investment Bank (EIB) could play a role in proving long term loans, helping people "upgrade and insulate their homes and then pay that back over a long period of time with the savings they've made from their energy bills. Those models do exist".
As someone who's hoping to upgrade and insulate next year, I wonder how likely (or how long) it would take for this to be introduced?

Currently, I know about the SEAI grants, and BOI do a 'Green' home improvement loan at 6.5%, which seem to be the best options at the moment. (We only bought the house last year, so we very likely don't have enough equity built up yet to have an equity release on the mortgage).

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How useful such grants will be is questionable imho.

Just look at the cost of insulation the attic in an average terrace / semi-d and you'll be quoted around €1200, knock the grant off that and it's still in the region of €800 for a job that a competent DIYer can get done in a day (or over a weekend) for about €200 worth of materials.
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