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27-03-2020, 14:27   #1
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Do you know a Centenarian?

481 people in Ireland passed had their 100 years birthday in 2019. Anyone have a relative who is over 100? Or what age is the oldest person you know, mine is 94.

A review of the presidency and spending at Áras an Úachtraráin for 2019 has revealed details of the Centenarian Bounty, which was first introduced in 1940 by President Douglas Hyde. The review shows that 481 Irish people received the payment from the State last year, with 374 of those people living in Ireland and 107 living overseas.

In 2006, the government to extended the eligibility criteria for the scheme so that all Irish citizens born on the island of Ireland are eligible to apply. Of those 481 Irish citizens who reached 100 years old, 395 were women and 86 were men.

The overall figure is comfortably the highest recorded since the beginning of President Michael D Higgins’ time in Áras and Úachtaráin.
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27-03-2020, 14:28   #2
Hello 2D Person Below
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97 is the oldest person I've met (that I know of).
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27-03-2020, 14:28   #3
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My granny is 100 years old.
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27-03-2020, 14:31   #4
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There's a lady from the Flaggy Shore in North Clare who's around 103 I think she's outlived most of her children.
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27-03-2020, 14:32   #5
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My great grandmother died at 103 yrs old but other than that I've known no other centenarian.
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27-03-2020, 14:35   #6
Trigger Happy
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When I was a kid there was a centenarian on our street. He was born in the 1880s. Hard to imagine how different his life was to ours.
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27-03-2020, 14:36   #7
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Ya, he disagrees with people on everything.
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27-03-2020, 14:38   #8
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He's 101 now
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27-03-2020, 16:14   #9
Wibbed for your pleasure.
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I know three nonagenarians and in my life I've known a few centenarians. All but a few in my family(the men are long lived).
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27-03-2020, 16:28   #10
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Around 1980-2 we had a neigbours aunt who would visit her niece for a few days at a time when she wasn't doing too well. She was born in 1879 and died at 104 in 1983. The mass card was still in a box in our house a few years ago.

Her father survived the famine as a teenager, he was born in 1831 and attended a hedge school, he spoke often to her about it, the starvation, workhouses and people dying in houses with nobody to bury them. I think her mother was born around 1850. Nothing unusual to see a 20 year age gap back then as the men usually married when the mother died and if they had land they had some security. Her Dad had a small shop and pub and used to make poitin.

We got a home computer a few months before she died, it always struck me when learning history that we knew a woman who's Dad went to a hedge school and she saw kids playing with computers. We had her play around with it, so she can say she used a computer.

Also when she was a kid all of her siblings bar one emigrated to the US and Canada, she never saw them again, one of them they never even heard from him again, but when she died she was 6 hours from New York on a 747, or a quick phone call away.
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27-03-2020, 16:32   #11
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I did. He died aged 104. Lovely man. RTÉ did a documentary on him. He said his heart only stopped twice in his life, the death of Michael Collins and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. That's how long lived he was!
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27-03-2020, 16:34   #12
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A lad I know's Gran topped the 100 mark. Got a letter from Mary McAleese I think.

Side note:

Q: What did the octogenarian pirate say?

A: I'm eighty!
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28-03-2020, 02:22   #13
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My Aunty Betty is 97, I consider her me Nanny cause my grandparents were all dead before I was born, she still clips her chickens and digs her own spuds, as far as I'm concerned this woman is batmans Ma
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28-03-2020, 02:39   #14
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It's my Granny's birthday today, 28th March. She is 101 years old. She's been living in a nursing home since last September. I won't get to see her today. The nursing home staff will have tea and birthday cake with her. I hope I see her again.
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28-03-2020, 03:00   #15
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Posts: 1,096
I met a 103 year old a few months ago. Unbelievably healthy for his age, refuses to use a walking stick because he keeps losing them. Told me he still has all his own teeth (before adding that he leaves them in a jar overnight ).
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