I'm looking to do the Music course in DKIT next year, and I'am extremely anxious about the audition. The college website doesn't really give a good description of what to expect at the audition, and I don't want to email the college and bombard them with silly minor questions. Can any current or past students help?Particularly those who play drums. I plan to do 3 songs,maybe 4. I'm going to try and pick songs on 3 or 4 different instruments, but my main area of focus would be drums or bass. I am completely self taught regarding both. Particularly for drummers, are the standards very high? I play purely for my enjoyment, and I am quite weak regarding rudiments and knowing the names of different grooves. Im worried that I will be asked to perform a groove or rudiment that I do not know, and jeopardise the success of my audition.

I also am struggling to find backing tracks to my chosen songs. Is it possible for me just to play over the original recording?

Any help is greatly appreciated!