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11-12-2017, 19:43   #91
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Nar som Jupiter and a word missing in Balkan about fried submarines but not kangaroos, borrr jingly jangly jingly jangly Sklump!
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26-09-2018, 21:23   #92
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Guess what I'm a submarine cookie from outer space, get that Lawrence!
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12-03-2019, 22:31   #93
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Snooble Toooob!
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12-03-2019, 22:33   #94
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It rubs the ketchup on it's skin
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13-03-2019, 20:08   #95
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Yer man with the massive balls did it.
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13-07-2019, 02:52   #96
Deja Boo
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You can’t take a shower in a parakeet cage.
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27-10-2019, 23:49   #97
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(can i just post some random sh1te of mine? ive got loads like...)

i wish i was a tree
simple prosperity
i wish i was a tree

02:38 27/11/2018
Supermarket Incontinence and other probably meaningless songs including Malaise Sandwich

and did you ever feel like you were looking at a mathematical equation on a page and when you ask others what they think, they argue about the composition of the page its written on.

02:47 27/04/2018
a short story

set in the year 216 (8236 old time)
the world and ireland included had been broken and transfigured by the multitude of wars that followed the collapse of organised civilisation, which stemed from the enivitable expiry of both natural and the new so called supernatural resources. more on this later.
what was the island of ireland is now a collection of islands, roughly retaining the original arrangement of land mass however ulster including donegal is now an island all its own, much to the dismay of the donegalese tribesmen. sligo and mayo and a nice part of galway are their own continent and it suits them well. the entire midlands including the previously ancient centre seat of provincial power Midhe is now a new central island of interconnective trade and transpondence. the east is entity mostly to its own bar the sunny south east which has a special relationship with the rest of now isolated island of south folk.
things were bad for a while, wild bad even but once the dust settled and the nettles started growing again the individual islanders that remained respondent saw that once pesky electricity and troublesome taxes were a thing of the new past, life and trade could flourish. mostly everyone kept to themselves on their own homesteads, trading excess meat for pumkins and stone craft of woven skins, a new neotribal substantiated society began to evolve. gone were the books of faces, the pointless escapades peoples consciousnesses were driven down shoddely cobbled streets like wild bulls drugged and stabbed just so failing mens egos could keep up with the natural expression of a trapped God.
now things were quiet, the auld broadcast cancer had long since ended and the new fields shone with the shiver of real green not the fake fertiliser facade of forty shades of ****e.
the earth was rich again from the blood of idiots and idolators, the idea men and women of the past that had all thought it such a great idea to to rush toward disaster in the first place.

(i havn't edited it)
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