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15-01-2020, 16:53   #1
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Can media people please stop saying Finne Gwail?

A small but irritating gripe.

Most of us will have noticed RTE reporters and other journalists referring to the current Taoiseach's party as "Finne Gwail" even though they are reporting in English. In some cases the "gwail" is delivered in a hideously guttral, strangulated voice, for example by Sean O'Rourke.

This is a form of pseudo-correctness which annoys me and, I'm sure, many others. Nobody outside media circles ever, ever says "Finne Gwail." My own older blueshirt relatives were usually happy to call their party "Feene Gail" and were never contradicted.

It also tells me that media people are more anxious to prove their linguistic purity and establishment loyalties than they are to communicate effectively with their listeners.
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15-01-2020, 16:58   #2
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And stop voting for the Finne Gwail too while we're at it.
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15-01-2020, 17:00   #3
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Because they can't say Blueshirt Bastards over the airwaves.
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15-01-2020, 17:01   #4
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Also can the media (mostly radio adverts) stop saying 'you are' when they mean your!

I presume the media are reading this thread? Like, it is addressed to them.
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15-01-2020, 17:05   #5
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Originally Posted by Boulevardier View Post
A small but irritating gripe.
Almost a trivial annoyance.
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15-01-2020, 17:18   #6
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Originally Posted by Makikomi View Post
And stop voting for the Finne Gwail too while we're at it.
Can't look at Martin for next X years myself.

He was happy to sit back and take fat paycheck all his life, let him stay there.

Retiring soon so wants it for the crack now.

But it's all just a payday for a bunch of heads. At the end results will be the same.
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15-01-2020, 17:22   #7
Dental Plan!
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Ring the Goorthee the next time they do it OP.

Last edited by seamus; 15-01-2020 at 17:25.
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15-01-2020, 17:23   #8
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Fine ( as in Foyne) Gael is acceptable
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15-01-2020, 17:46   #9
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Originally Posted by seamus View Post
Ring the Goorthee the next time they do it OP.
Busy at the moment. They have gone out to attend a crash at the ryndabyte.
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15-01-2020, 17:47   #10
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Just wait till your retirement, you will get hours of fun emailing the Irish Times pointing out the grammatical errors in the paper, followed by a few hours eamiling to RTE pointing out the linguistical errors and lamenting the decline in standards and use of the English language by our national broadcaster.

Last edited by mariaalice; 15-01-2020 at 20:11.
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15-01-2020, 19:00   #11
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Wait until Finna Gwail start canvassing Doon Lay-horagh or Port Leesha
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15-01-2020, 19:02   #12
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If only we had a thread dedicated to minor things that annoy you...
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15-01-2020, 19:26   #13
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I live in the gwaltecht so that’s how I would pronounce it.
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15-01-2020, 19:31   #14
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I honestly always thought the "Gwail" was a correct pronunciation, along with "Gail", depending primarily on which region one's dialect comes from?

It's similar to the Dáil - depending on who you talk to, it's "Dall", "Thall", "Thoyle" or "Doyle". I imagine it's similar to another regional quirk in Irish, wherein some dialects replace the "r" sound with a very soft "d", so for example in the number 4, "Caw-hear" becomes "Caw-hid" or "Caw-hidge".
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15-01-2020, 19:36   #15
Silent Running
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Originally Posted by topper75 View Post
Busy at the moment. They have gone out to attend a crash at the ryndabyte.
Is there any futtige of that?
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