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I disagree. I teach people every year to enjoy, and to take control over conversations. It's a primary aspect of my job when teaching communications for business management. The gift of the gab.

Suggesting that it's something you're born with, is an excuse... to give comfort so that you don't have to work at changing. But you can change virtually all personality behaviors if you're willing to commit yourself to learning and consistent practice.

"The gift of the gob" - I really like that.

As I said as well, it can definitely be learnt. Humans are social - your "worth" in society is what you can have others perceive. You can be an absolute world beater at whatever it is that you do, if you can't bring it across so others notice, you won't get anywhere.

As someone said, skill ARE important to advance in your career, but networking and asserting those skills is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

In my line of work, deep withing the realms of information technology, you'll find some of the best demonstrations about why and how this is true: it's extremely common to find outstanding developers, sysadmins and DBAs who never make it past the "senior" or "principal" status, notwithstanding clearly possessing uncommon skills. Because they aren't interested in the "social" side of work - they're at their happiest talking to nobody, with their heads buried in a screen.