Hi All. Last time I got a tattoo (years ago to be fair), this forum was hopping; seems quiet now.

Anyway, have been thinking on getting another & would like to get a paper crane tattoo. I would like it to be quite a delicate outline with a shaded pattern (I’m 90% on B&W) & was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of tattoo artists in Dublin that would be good at the smaller delicate tattoos? The guy who did my last one is no longer in Ireland.

I’m also undecided about where to get the tattoo. I am considering ribs but everywhere I read talks about how sore it is. Obviously pain is subjective as I’ve a tattoo on my inner wrist & I didn’t find that too bad, where again some places suggest that’s very sore. Are the ribs THAT unbearable? Other place I was thinking was above outer elbow or maybe inner bicep?

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated