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27-01-2021, 00:01   #1
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I've never been to Armagh...

So i was doing some pondering during a recent bold journey and figured out I've been in all of our counties bar Armagh. My ocd spiked.

Can anyone tell me a decent reason to visit. And also... are you in that same 31 county dilemma. Bonus point for Armagh being the one that got away.

I feel like there's a prize for "finishing" Ireland

Maybe a united ireland?
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27-01-2021, 00:05   #2
Badly Drunk Boy
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Actually, you missed out on my bonus point. Derry is the only one I haven't been to...
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27-01-2021, 00:07   #3
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Monaghan the only county on the whole island that I've never sat foot in or drove through.

Any use?
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27-01-2021, 00:09   #4
Hello 2D Person Below
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32/32 here.
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27-01-2021, 00:12   #5
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Originally Posted by Hello 2D Person Below View Post
32/32 here.
What happens when you hit 32
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27-01-2021, 00:14   #6
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All 32 here too - Armagh has Lurgan and Portadown and a big Sainsbury's (might not be Sainsbury's anymore) that does really creamy cakes. And you have to drive through it to get to Belfast, lots of roundabouts.
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27-01-2021, 00:14   #7
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Waterford is the only county I've never set foot in

Trying to think of a reason to visit Armagh, and outside of going to an Ulster Championship match, I'm pretty stumped.

Trip Advisor doesn't exactly sell it either
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27-01-2021, 00:15   #8
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If you’ve driven, or taken the train or bus from Dublin to Belfast then you have passed through county Armagh.

Armagh town (“city”) is really lovely. Full of history and of course the brilliant planetarium (the only one on the island of Ireland) and observatory. I think of Armagh town as a sort of Kilkenny of the North.

And my great-grandmother harked from Armagh too.

Portadown is a horrible miserable dump of a place. Best avoided...

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27-01-2021, 00:18   #9
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At the moment nothing open,even if you did travel.
But the Planetarium is probably the best known attraction. Few historic buildings, etc.
Womens prison slap bang in the centre of town, if that gets you going...
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27-01-2021, 00:18   #10
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31/32 for me.... I've never set foot in Mayo.
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27-01-2021, 00:18   #11
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Cork Down,Kerry,Tipperary,Waterford, with the exception of Down i don't think I'm missing much
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27-01-2021, 00:18   #12
Your Face
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Im nearly sure Carlow doesn't exist.

Anyhoo, reasons to visit Armagh - there are some nice buildings.
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27-01-2021, 00:18   #13
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They gave years rodding into the wrong hole there
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27-01-2021, 00:20   #14
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Originally Posted by Pretzill View Post
All 32 here too - Armagh has Lurgan and Portadown...
Well, that is certainly one reason to avoid it. Portadown is a miserable hole. Full of malice and spite.

Wouldn’t ever stop there now except to use the “facilities” for a particularly bad one. It’s all that place deserves.
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27-01-2021, 00:21   #15
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I've masturbated in every county in connacht.

I'm hoping to have a wank in laois before lockdown ends
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