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megan fox

wentworth miller
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Elton bum him.
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Susan McKay ..

Would have to be rough sex though. Would tie her up and make her watch Mouth to Mouth vol 8 and take her from behind while spanking that sexy ass.

"How you liking that Susie .. that deep enough for ya .. sure feels hunky dory to me!"
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Gi joe!
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Ellen Degeneres.

We all want what we can't have.
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Samantha Janus.....although there's nothing unusual about that
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Lando Griffin
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I fancied a girl in my local shop.
I went in one day ( as I am shy ) and asked her where the condoms were.
She asked jokingly "Oh who is the girl"
I replied "You!"

Never been able to step foot in that shop since.
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Same answer as before...the skinny rubberbandit. Bag optional.
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Jane Seymour is 59, decades older then me but hotter then a lot of women half or even one third her age

Will always be Dr. Quinn Medicine Women to me
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Originally Posted by smokedeels View Post
M.I.A is on top of my "celebrities I would do..." list, but I can't get many folk to agree with me.
I don't get it. She's stunning, how do so many people not see it?

Laura Marling is one no-one agrees with me on. I would though- repeatedly.
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up for anything
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This man. It's his aura of authority. I'd like him getting really stern with me.

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Ghost Buster
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Ms Hooley from Ballymoray.... yowza!!!!!!
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Hilliary Clinton.
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Joanna Lumley
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Originally Posted by sbsquarepants View Post
I may be a filthy pervert, but at least i'm not alone!
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