hi, Bought a suite of furniture from a major store (one with annoying shouty ads) and noticed an issue within the first 6 months. They assessed it and repaired it but it returned some months later. I reported it again and they are now only offering another repair as they are claiming the issue (although the same) is originating in a different part of the couch than last time so therefore not the same issue. It is not possible to say the fault is just in one part of the couch. Its all over. It relates to the noise the couch makes, the seat springs are so loud, they can be heard from the next room when anyone is sitting down, getting up or even leaning forward to the coffee table. It might sound like a petty problem but its intolerable and clearly a manufacturer fault.
Am I correct in saying I am not obliged to accept a second repair. I have filled out the first stage of the Small claims court procedure and am waiting for them to review it and come back to me with whether it is suitable for scc or not. I am seeking a refund.

Doe anyone have any experience of similar issues with this store?
Am I correct in saying I am not obliged to accept a second repair?
Does anyone know how long it might be before I hear back the initial response from scc?