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26-09-2020, 21:02   #1
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Mac Help?

Hello All,

I’m looking for some advice. We have an iMac 27 inch (late 2013) with processor 3.2. GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, Memory 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1 GB. We were running OS X 10.10: Yosemite on it for years with no problems. In the last few tears it started to slow down, primarily on my partner’s account side. We figured this was because she stored a LOT of photos on her side (she’s an amateur photographer). Eventually it got so slow, we decided to wipe it completely and upload a new IOS on it. We downloaded Catalina. We also purchased new Adobe suite software (photoshop, illustrator and Acrobat) and we hoped for the best. After using it now for a week, it’s slower than it was even before the wipe and it’s driving us nuts.

My question is, is there anything I can do about this? Or is it time to buy a new Mac?

All advice would be greatly received as I know feck all when it comes to this stuff.

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28-09-2020, 15:04   #2
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likely your Hard drive. is it full? if so it will do this, but also bear in mind that its really due for replacement as its six years old. if replacing, also buff the ram.
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28-09-2020, 15:10   #3
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Buy a new SSD hard drive and either replace it in the machine or boot from this new drive. You will effectively have a new machine!
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28-09-2020, 15:12   #4
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Agree with the post above. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro that was borderline unusable a few months ago. I bought 16GB of RAM and a new SSD to replace my hard-drive. Works as if it's brand new now.

There's plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to replace the RAM and hard-drive yourself.
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02-10-2020, 21:39   #5
Type 17
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I have an almost identical Mac (Late 2013, 3.5GHz i7) but it has a fusion drive and 24GB RAM. Has always been fast, and hasn't slowed down through all of the updates.

Get more RAM (at least 16GB, but 24 is cheap enough now - 4 slots in these Macs, so probably 4+4+0+0 now, so add two 8GBs for 24GB)

An SSD will speed things up even more, but it's time for a new HD anyway, due to age (my HDD failed two months ago, thank god for Time Machine).
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03-10-2020, 08:27   #6
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Originally Posted by Doodah7 View Post
Buy a new SSD hard drive and either replace it in the machine or boot from this new drive. You will effectively have a new machine!
I have a late 2012 model that gets a lot of use and I bought a 120gb external SSD that I boot from. It really does make all the difference. Just put the OS and the apps on it and use the original hard drive for storage. Costs about €60 and it's easy enough to DIY. Lots of guides to follow.
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