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Becoming a games developer?

First: Wooohooo clean forum!

Was thinking of becoming a games developer, was wondering where would i start. I dont mean courses as such, but whats the best language to learn? and can you get a job in games making thats not hi tech needed? i worked in computers 11 years, i know computer stuff, but the only laguages i know would be HTML, and a little Java. But i have plenty of ideas on games, and feel i would love to be in that industry.... any advice?


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C ++ my good friend. You've a background in Java so the transition should be smooth. I think the hardest part of games programming is the actual 3d modelling and application of physics. Flash would also be a good place for you to start making games as well (Actionscript is pretty nasty though...)
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this is not a clean forum. this is one of the longest forums on its just dead.
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Does anyone know of any night courses that cover any of these areas. I see down in Limerick College they are doing a 4 year course of computer game devolpment, You should check it out!!!!
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