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Can I request an elective C section?


I'm private in Holles St currently 30 weeks... I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week and anyone I know who has had it has been induced and had an awful experience and most ended up c sections anyway.

I'd like to request a c section, and apart from above I have a few other reasons. But I'm not sure how this is taken in Ireland?

My placenta is low lying (it was still low at 28 weeks) and although I know it will likely move up and away... it may actually result in a c section regardless.

I have really bad SPD and had some disc related pain before pregnancy. I'm worried about blowing my back out. Some days I cant even walk!

Three relatives of mine had still births, so all the little things are worrying me more. I also had countless miscarriages and a fatal fetal abnormality to get here.

I'm in the middle of building a house, so I'm currently living with relatives. Its nearly finished but who know with the lockdowns, and due to covid my husbands business has been closed for the last 9 weeks, almost half of last year and who know when he will open again. He is earning no wages and we have to put our money back into the business just to stop him from closing. I'm self employed and I cant fully walk away from my clients and take maternity leave properly. So I'm really struggling with having no control over anything right now and I'm so stressed about it. I'd love a planned c section just to have one thing that I can plan for and around.

I'd really love to go natural and be enjoying the pregnancy, and be looking forward to the birth but I'm so stressed with everything up in the air tight now that haven't been looking forward to any of it. Which then brings on feelings of guilt and shame. I also don't want to be seen as 'too posh to push'.

Any thoughts on whether I can request a section with my consultant? Do I have any rights?
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In my experience you have more of a chance if you're private (which you are). Speak with your consultant about your concerns and really stress the impact it's having on your mental health, it's difficult that you cant have a partner there to support you. Maybe write down all the reasons so that you can refer to each one.

I had a planned C section for my second child after a very difficult first birth, my consultant was eager to try a V-BAC but agreed that given my previous experience that a section was the best option for me.

I hope it all works out for you, whatever you decide.
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Princess Calla
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I would say you will have no problem requesting a c section especially with your medical history.

My only concern is the road to recovery after a c section is longer and you won't be able to drive etc.

I had gestational diabetes on both my pregnancies and had fast natural births . The midwives were shocked on the first at how fast I moved along on the first. ..... however I had low birth weight babies first was under 6 and the second under 7lbs....I know some gestational diabetes babies can be on the larger end of birth weights.

Best of luck, you have alot of stress in your life at the moment.
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I would say all you can do is talk to your consultant. Discuss your fears. I don't know if it is so much about your rights, to be honest. Genuinely, natural birth is not that bad, and C-sections take a lot longer to recover from. But speak to your consultant in detail about what you are thinking, that would be the first place to start.
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Hi there,

I requested a section for my 2nd, for a couple of reasons but mainly I was left with a prolapse after a difficult 1st birth. At my appointment around 37 wks, I requested to speak with a consultant (I was public in the rotunda), gave my reasons and the consultant said that was fine, and I was booked & given a date that day.

For me the hardest part of recovery was not being able to lift my toddler, but I had my mum to help if my husband was working. I didn't really mind the not driving part. The scar area was painful but recovery after my first was probably worse for me. I felt this was the right decision for me however everyone and every birth is different.

My advice would be to write down a list of your concerns, and reasons for wanting a section for your next consultant appointment, and talk through them.
Best of luck and I hope everything works out for you xx
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02-03-2021, 20:57   #6
The One Doctor
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Sounds like a C might be a good option. Put your reasoning to your consultant, they'll be reasonable if you are.

Yes, C's have their disadvantages but can often be a good idea. Recovery is a pain but is quite manageable as long as you have good support from others.

Best of luck.
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You can request one but I would discuss with your consultant to make sure it is the best option. Sometimes people think it is an easier option but it's not easier just different. I had one, in holles st, not by request, but it was planned. I found the recovery fine but you need to take it easy for 6 weeks after. It is a major abdominal surgery. I often wonder if the unplanned c sections are more difficult to recover from.

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Originally Posted by Minier81 View Post
I often wonder if the unplanned c sections are more difficult to recover from.
I've had a planned section and an emergency section following 22 hours of active labour and agree they are completely different experiences. The sensation of having the section while your womb is contracting is completely different to when it's not.. Am emergency section is a world away from a planned section.

I would say that the recovery is the same but you're obviously less exhausted if you haven't had labour leading up to the section.
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08-03-2021, 08:19   #9
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I had really bad SPD with both kids, and gestational diabetes on the second, he was 4kg (not massive, but definitely not a small baby), it was a very fast 2 hour labour. I have diastasis recti now and with all the pushing involved with 2 babies, had a minor prolapse and a very long recovery road for pelvic floor. I also found SPD recovery worse because of the labour itself.

I would definitely weigh up everything before deciding on a C section (i.e. diabetes does not mean you can't have a natural birth). However, given your other circumstances, it's definitely something you should discuss at length with your consultant. They should at the very least listen to all your concerns, and since you're private are more likely to do as you request than if you were public.
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Yes, you definitely can request a C-section. Even if you go public. Easier if private as others have said. You need to be firm and insist on it.

For the record I had insulin controlled Gestational diabetes and bad SPD. I was induced at 40 weeks and had a very quick labour that went perfectly fine. Baby was 8lb12oz. Would personally avoid a C-section myself but everyone is different and should be able to choose how they want to birth their baby. Best of luck.
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