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17-02-2016, 02:14   #1
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Deadpool Movie

So havent watched the movie yet, its just something Ive noticed in observation, the amount of people I know dont read comics who are going crazy about how awesome it is and posting comic shorts on facebook and going on about how great the movie is going to be, myself included I think 99% of peoples first interaction with him was in the Wolverine movie.
My point in being is what do people think of this, in that a lot of people are saying that hes the best but really dont know anything about the character. Just scroll down 9GAG and hes everywhere. Its literally like they googled funniest thing Deadpool said and then copy and paste
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18-02-2016, 20:47   #2
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I saw the movie last week and thought it was great fun. I know very little about Deadpool and haven't read any of the Deadpool comics.

I figure if people enjoy the film and want to share stuff related to it, that's a good thing. I'm not a big fan on the competitively elitist thing that some circles of comic fans seem to have where not having memorised a character's every appearance means you "don't care enough". It's entertainment, and everyœne enjoys things their own way
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Deadpool's a very easy character to latch onto cos of how serious he's not taken. It kinda annoys me that some people think you have to be a super-fan to enjoy the movie. I like Deadpool comics fine but, tbh, the limited series he stars in are much better than the ongoings (Night of the Living Deadpool is a new favourite) and more worth people's time/money. There are tonnes of characters out there who are way better than Deadpool but he is fairly unique in the comic world, if only for, as I said, how he's not taken too seriously.

I had a point at the start... I forget it now. Great movie anyway!
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Saw the movie today. I got into comics at the tail end of last summer, starting out with Batman, but when I moved into marvel Deadpool really appealed to me. And it's been one of the my favourite reads picking up the Posehn TPB's each month.

Really enjoyed the film, thought it was excellent. My gf who isnt into comics but enjoys super hero movies, thought it was excellent. Some genuine laugh out load moments.

Thought Reynolds captured the character beautifully
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15-03-2016, 15:03   #5
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I have read a few of the comics, but i actually thought the film was funnier than the comics ever were...
Reynolds was made for this charachter, this character was made for Reynolds... whatever... so many genuiine laugh out loud moments,...
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