Hi everyone,

As we come to the end of April, it's time for another update highlighting things that are happening around the site. Hope ye enjoyed the brief glimpse of summer! Hopefully the sun will revisit us soon again; we didn't even have time to get threads about how it's too hot or sunny out

As we head towards summer, people will start thinking about festivals. Of course, if you've any interest in Electric Picnic you would have picked up your tickets many months ago. To get you in the mood, MiniFridgeMen put together an extensive Spotify playlist to help introduce people to some names on the lineup that they might not recognise and get them excited about the upcoming festival.

In another positive turn of events, the 'Trivial Things that make you Happy' thread in After Hours hit 10,000 posts. That's a lot of happy going around You can find the new iteration here.

Every day I browse Boards I'm amazed by some of the talent on display. keps got some justified plaudits for his work after his photo was selected as Flickr's Explore photo. He's a regular contributor to the Photography forum and it's great to see users get recognised for their efforts.

It's been a very active month for Boardsies. Over in the Cycling forum, they completed a hill climb challenge on Howth Hill, covering 3.71km with an elevation distance of 109m. A great effort from all involved!

Meanwhile, some Boardsies took part in the Boston and London Marathons recently. Those taking part had very different weather conditions, but well done to all; that's a great accomplishment!

In other sports-related going-ons, the American Football forum has been doing its mock draft, handing control of a team's pick over to a user. It's an interesting little mini-game that let users research teams they might have been otherwise unfamiliar with and then write up a post to back their selection.

The end of March also saw the conclusion of the Fantasy Hockey season. And with the F1 season getting underway, the Motorsport forum has kicked off a couple of prediction leagues of its own.

The Films forum has wrapped up its Awards season, so if you're looking for some inspiration for movies to watch they have you covered. There were some closely contested categories and even a couple of ties!

And to wrap things up, the Forum Games forum has some threads to keep you busy. If you're a fan of either Overwatch or Werewolf, you may be interested in the Overwatch themed game of Werewolf. The game will be getting underway on Sunday, April 29th, so keep an eye out for the game thread, which should make for interesting reading. And if you're completely new to D&D, but you've been tempted to give it a shot, there's a D&D for Dummies thread in which players can sign up to get some experience without having to take on the full weight of an extended campaign or the pressure of playing with veterans.

Finally, the Feedback forum has returned after an extensive discussion with Boards users about its purpose and future. There are some restrictions in place now, but once the criteria is met anyone can open a thread or respond to one.

That's it for this month. If you've any news or spotted an interesting thread that you think deserves seen by a wider audience, let us know below or via PM.