To follow up on a post made in this thread recently...

A report was made to us some years ago about an incident after a boards mods beers. The community manager at the time spoke with both people involved after receiving the report and believed the issue to have been sufficiently dealt with at that time. The matter was presumed to be closed but it has been raised again recently and at some remove from the initiating incident.

We therefore initiated a detailed, thorough and impartial review of our procedures over the course of the past week and a half, seeking and receiving information from the parties involved and others whose accounts in and around the relevant time may have been of interest for that purpose. As a result of our investigation, we believe that the matter was taken seriously, followed up and adequately dealt with given the information available. We have however noted that there is an opportunity to improve cross-party communication in relation to complaints of this nature in the future.

When one of the parties was subsequently nominated for CMod, the issue was flagged but it was noted that it had been dealt with by the Community Manager and all parties had been silent in relation to it for some time, so there was no reason to believe it remained a live issue at that point.

We can fully stand over the procedures that were followed at the time having considered all of the information yielded as a result of our thorough and impartial investigation.

As a result of our review, we will be implementing an action list for such complaints in the future to ensure a more formal follow up for all parties involved to ensure that any complaint will be handled in the same way and to the satisfaction insofar as possible of all the parties involved.