Some simple rules to follow!

1) No personal abuse.

2) No Trolling.

3) No Spamming.

4) No Shilling.

5) No Advertising, bans will be given for blatant advertising

6) No unfounded allegations against fighters, particularly in regard to steroid use. If you want to accuse them make sure you have a bulletproof source or you will be banned.

7) No Fighter abuse, you can talk facts but calling fighters names etc is just not necessary

8) No text speak, use the whole keyboard when making a post

9) No questioning Mods decisions on the public threads, take it to PM if you have a problem.

10) Put spoiler tags on threads title if the result of recent fight is inside.

11) bad language or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated wheter aimed at fighters or other posters

12) No illegal links to fight's this is a bannable offence, If you ask for a link to a fight which is on PPV you are going to be bombarded with illegal streams so make it clear you want it by PM, if you ask for a link to a fight thats ppv to be posted on the thread this is very serious and will be judged the same as putting up an illegal link.

13) No Freedom of Speech - you post here under the knowledge the is a privately owned and operated board, Deviating from what the owners are or are not cool with will get you Banned and KO'd Quicker than a Mike Tyson left hook!

As far as the charter goes we will use common sense in dealing with posts so just because it's not in the charter if it's out of order we will pull you on it.

This Forum caters for anything Boxing related, threads about the Kickboxing etc will be moved to there relevant site, most notably, SD/MA forum.