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27-01-2020, 19:40   #16
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Originally Posted by CramCycle View Post
100%, the GP5000 seems to be correctly sized, the 4000 were always close to a size up.

Have used both and have went through two pairs of the 5000 so here is my opinion.
Puncture protection: GP4000S wins hands down, the 5000s has picked up numerous punctures whereas, with rare exception, the GP4000S did not puncture unless they were near end of life
Lifecycle; GP4000S again, at least twice if not three times as long out of them compared to the 5000s
Grip: 5000s wins hands down, I took corners in races at speeds I would have went off the course with the GP4000s. If your not an idiot risk taker, you won't notice but the 5000 have far superior grip, and this is with the knowledge that the 4000s were some of the best tyres I had ever used for grip.
Rolling resistance: I think the 5000s are lower but to be honest, it is such a small factor that it could be in my head, also with the sizing being different, it is hard to compare, the 5000 in 25s, are similar to the 4000 in 23s on most of my wheels.

Long story short they replaced a great all round tyre for racing with a really good racing tyre.

I am going to use up the sets I have for commuting and buy a fresh set for racing but I only expect to get the year out of them with just racing.
I think you're fairly bang on with pretty much all of that. My own opinion is that they are definitely a size smaller than the 4s. My 5000 25s look identical to the 4000 23 on my turbo wheel. The grip is fantastic and RR seems better although that's hard to gauge accurately but they just seem faster to me. Lifespan - can't tell you yet as I've only had them on for a few weeks but no problems with punctures yet. Funnily enough, I've had poor luck with the 4000s in the past. One didn't last a week before getting sliced open and 2 others got damaged sidewalls after only a couple of weeks. All due to debris /bad luck but still annoying.
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Here's the Continental tyre hierarchy for anyone who's interested...

With the GP4000 gone and the GP5000's push as the top road tyre, there is room for another tyre to sit just below it in the range. In an ideal world, they could add the 'Black Chilli' compound to the GP4 Season and make that the ultimate all rounder, though the price point might come under pressure.
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begs the question, what does the category 'sport' mean because it's at the bottom, and at the opposite end of the spectrum to what sport would imply.
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Originally Posted by magicbastarder View Post
begs the question, what does the category 'sport' mean because it's at the bottom, and at the opposite end of the spectrum to what sport would imply.
For entry level riders who don't want/can't afford pro level gear but equally doesn't say that they're crap tyres. You can buy a Ford Fiesta 'Sport' but its not exactly a Ford GT. Same sort of thing.
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