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07-06-2019, 17:11   #46
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"It's silly wrong but vivid right"
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Live for your toys
Even though they make noise.
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07-06-2019, 17:14   #48
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"Now here you go again you say you want your freedom."

"I gotta know right now do you love me, will you love me forever?"
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07-06-2019, 17:47   #49
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I wanna be black
Have natural rhythm
Shoot twenty feet of jism too
And fùck up Jews

I wanna be black
I want to be a Panther
Have a girlfriend named Samantha
And have a stable of foxy little whores
Ohhh woah I wanna be black
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Tell me how
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I'm an ordinary man, nothing special, nothing grand. I've had to work for every thing I own. I never asked for a lot. I was happy with what I got.

If I'm every voxpopped on the street about any form of strike, this is what I'm going to say, as dialog, and see how far I can get. I reckon at least one whole verse.
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07-06-2019, 17:59   #51
Do Not Be Afraid.....
And now you tell me that you’re having my baby.......
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07-06-2019, 18:01   #52
amad eusth orson
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How/ can you see/ into my eyes/ like open doors?
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You're losing your mind but that's okay
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Call the police, there's a madman around
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But it's the pelvic thrust,
That really drives you insane..
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The Tedinator
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It wasn't me.
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Some one workers that should be pretty recognisable :



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I got sole but I'm not a soldier
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