Hi, my mothers house in cork is in an area which has a lot of subsidence and her house has clay sewage drain pipes and small cracks in the paint showing in her walls..recently ive had to use rods to unblock the drain pipes...we really want to get this problem fixed..she has insurance for subsidence but with a large excess..another neighbour told her that when she got her subsidence done she dealt with a person who once they had both rang the insurance company together that he handled everything else after that, building work, certs, insurance claims etc..that was 10 years ago and the company is closed down..and she cant remember what the company was whether they were loss adjusters or project managers..i got the impression that he wasnt appointed by insurance co but she rang him up independently, but i maybe wrong.. im wondering would anyone have dealt with companies like this in cork, and what are they called?...should my first point of contact be the insurance company before i try find someone like this or vice versa..any advice would be much appreciated..