I had a nightmare last night, and also a recurring nightmare.

My conclusion is that this was due to the political situation brought about by the change that voting brings. A change of the guard and a subconscious fear that the more corrupt elements will once again reign and the various states bodies such as An Garda or even semi state bodies will re ignite previous crimes that our society has received slim atonement for.

The dream is focus's on a gloomy portrait of O'Connell street, barely a street as much as faint line of tree's, the street's converge intoa place called Phibsborough once once known as Phibsboro. A dark shadow moves freely through these oddly familiar street's his dark shadow unhindered by the organs of state.

The phoenix park dark history looms over the city centre and we are forced to be innocent participants, pedestrians if you will walking in what is now no longer our territory perhaps their grounds. Powerless to stop or change what is happening around us.

My conclusion is that many people must have bad dreams in and around big elections, a sub conscious fear of change and what it may bring.

It seems reckless to dismiss or ignore these fears, they are not fears of discrimination. They are not faint hysteria, but under the asphalt street's beneath the Georgian built sewer lines and Victorian built Water pipes and amidst the power lines, while we are distracted by these imbecile fears that force us to ignore them, a foreign fiber optic line runs from our poorly regulated exchange sucking away our corporate tax gain's and beneath that like the invasive roots of Ivy are the tentacles of the Deutsche bank. In lowest sumps of the sewer is an Irishman called 'Eugene' ( not his real name) but a synonym of the original Irish state worker open for business. Deeper down is Godfrey Cordial supplier for the state institutions. Somewhere deeper still is the soothing lyrics of O'Leary beating out a rhythmical 'dead and gone' drum bass. I quote Hugo Grotius a dutch jurist and superimpose his basic idea and would like to see the Irish legal system turned upside and down and made into the best legal system in the modern world. That would be a good starting foundation for this crumbling english common law country, not to mention some decent Irish architecture, a real society.