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10-04-2019, 22:09   #1
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Just looking for opinions on Ischgl/Silvretta ski area. Don't see anything too recently on here.

I guess it's one of the bigger ski areas in Austria.

Generally go as a group of guys not massive drinkers. Like snowboarding hard and apres ski but in moderation too .

Have been to Mayrhofen twice and St. Anton once, how does ischgl compare?

Is it expensive for food and drink? Thought Mayrhofen is very reasonable and quite authentic, while st.anton more expensive and almost too commercialized

I presume the lift system is pretty good like above places?

Much opportunity for off-piste riding?

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11-04-2019, 18:37   #2
Billy Mays
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Here's what I thought of it. Haven't been to Mayrhofen so can't compare. Eating and drinking out would be similarly priced to St Anton
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12-04-2019, 08:34   #3
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It's fantastic, best resort I have ever been to from a piste perspective, it's absolutely massive. The lift system is unbelievable. It can attract a lot of people but the place is so big that it absorbs them well, way better than Anton. The runs down to Samnaun (on the swiss side) are unreal, as are the blacks 33 and 34.

Racous Apres Ski available as well if you wish to partake, though some of a more delicate persuasion may find it a touch seedy compared to Anton. A huge plus that Iscghl has over Anton is the skiing ability, Anton is packed with beginners who are going far too fast for their level of skill, and I have lost count of how many times someone has sent me flying from behind. The general level of skill is much higher in Ischgl.

Only thing I would say is that it's a complete sausage fest, must be 99% men, whereas the Arlberg would have much more of a male female mix.

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13-04-2019, 08:34   #4
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Originally Posted by andyd12 View Post
Just looking for opinions on Ischgl/Silvretta ski area. Don't see anything too recently on here.
I thought there was a thread recently or in the ski season thread as someone sought suggestions and they were delighted after they came back

I agree with the above posts, in my view its the touchstone of how to run a resort really well, great lift system great infrastructure on the mountain. It is VASTLY superior to Anton in that regard. Its one of these resorts that is run as a co-operative with all the money going back into the lift system (albeit I think there are some very rich people behind it).

It is expensive, though probably no more so than the other two you mentioned. Some great pistes including a ring of great blacks. There are definitely side piste options on the samnaun side but I got the impression there's none of the drama or big descents of anton, but I've never really done off piste in ischgl in 3 visits so don't really know

Interestingly I thought the skiers were terrible there, particularly the first time I was there when it was full of russians. Some of the best skiers I've ever seen were in Anton in the schindler couloirs, there's a massive almost century old culture of off piste skiing there hence the abilities. But anton quite pissheady and quite popular with foreign tourists which presumably contributes to very poor skiers bombing around

To be honest whenever in conversation someone wonders about a resort for a trip I always suggest ischgl as its a nice resort with great food, lifts and apres, and pistes, which ticks most boxes for the irish skier, and until about 5 years ago I don't think many irish had even heard of it.
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13-04-2019, 10:27   #5
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Ischgl is my all time fav.. we’ve been every march for 5 years now

In terms of chair lift system / ski area you won’t beat it.. in terms of apres .. as hard as you want it .. but also places to just chillax over a beer

BUT yes it is expensive.. food and food more expensive that other resorts .. and the clientele is primarily middle aged rude / ignorant Neanderthal German men.. while over the last few years we have heard some English speaking people in all reality there’s still very few

While I love ischgl and in terms of ski area it’s amazing I can’t take another season of the rudeness so taking a break for my next two trips .. doing Saalbach and st Anton instead

These apartments are reasonably priced and excellent condition if your going to ischgl

Owner Thomas is pretty sound
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14-04-2019, 14:40   #6
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The valley which Ischgl is located in is famous for not giving a fook about local authority and basically doing whatever they like, there have been rumours of widespread corruption for years now. You will find the family name 'Zangerl' everywhere around the place, it seems they must be the local mafia

It's definitely true that it is the place where you will hear way less English been spoken than in the Arlberg, it's heavily populated with German, Dutch, Scandinavians and also as mention more and more Russians these days.

Also agree that Ischgl would be my first recommendation for anyone asking after a great ski resort, though if they were looking for a place which also has a buzzing night life I think I would recommend Anton, I find it much better crack in the evenings that Ischgl, and especially if you have women in the group. Murrmel Bar in the middle of the town of Anton is fabulous, not to mention the options on the mountain. Agreed the behavior can be very rude, particularly in the packed Apres-Ski bars. Of course Schatzi and FreeRide in Ischgl are also hopping, but some may find the 'Traditional Austria dress' worn by the girls on the bar a bit questionable

Prices at both places are very high, particularly on the mountain for food. If you are used to the prices of Austrian food in non-ski resorts, then it will leave you gasping, even the basic dishes (e.g. schnitzel, groestl, gulaschsuppe, etc.) are ca 2-3 times their normal price. Not a surprise though I guess, you are eating on the mountain at a high end resort I guess.

Concerning the cost of the ski pass itself, I don't really have an issue with this, when you compare it to the cost of resorts in the region which are way smaller. A place which could be 4-5 times smaller will be just 5-10 Euro cheaper in any case.

For anyone interested in good tips on where to stay, take a google for 'Paznaunhof' Ischgl. It's perfectly situated (you can ski right down to within a few metres of it, and you can walk up to the town in 5 mins), it's well priced, and friendly ladies running it.

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