The team is currently accepting applications for this years trainee intake. In seeking new members we aim to recruit primarily from the hill rather than the street. Those hoping to become operational members of the team are expected to be experienced mountaineers, hillwalkers or climbers with sufficient experience to be able to operate in the mountains in all conditions.

Prospective trainee members are expected to:
Be physically fit and free from any medical condition that might compromise a mountain rescue operation.
Be a team player who enjoys being in the mountains in all seasons and weather conditions.
Be available to respond to callouts 365 days a year.
Be able to navigate in the mountains during the day, at night and in poor visibility.
Be comfortable on steep ground both day and night.
Be prepared to participate in operations to treat and evacuate seriously injured casualties.
Own a pair of hiking boots and suitable clothing and equipment for conditions in the west of Ireland. A list of required kit will be provided.
Agree to be bound by the regulations of the Galway Mountain Rescue Association.

Further details on the training programme and a link to the online application form can be found on our website or Facebook page